Ancient Farming Methods In Peru

Ancient Farming Methods In Peru

aloe vera
This is the largest aloe plant I have ever seen. Filled with nature's goodness, the flesh from this amazing plant is oozing with dew your skin needs to become dewy and gorgeous. 

In case you're wondering what you're looking at, this is a salt mine that's been in operation for eternity. Filled with mineral rich salts, countless generations of Incan families share this unique salt mine.

The view from our B&B. As you can see, this area is lush with a multitude of plants and flowers. Superfoods literally grow wild! 

Besides the photo of Julian (my plant science obsessed son) have a look at the artisanal quinoa fields in the lower right and the river which helps make this region so lush and abundant. 

Have a look at this Incan farming site which is the precursor of genetic seed modification. This meticulously crafted cylindrical masterpiece is an ingenious solution that this tribe of 500 years ago created to cross-pollinate and strengthen their corn, potato, and beans. 

You'd think Big Ag like Monsanto could learn a thing or 3 about this ancient wisdom.

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