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The Menopause Skincare Routine

The Menopause Skincare Routine

Hot flashes. Dry skin. New sensitivities. Hormonal changes. With all the new experiences menopause brings, you deserve a skincare routine that can keep up with all these changes!

Hot flashes. Dry skin. New sensitivities. Hormonal changes. With all the new experiences menopause brings, you deserve a skincare routine that will keep up with your skin's changes!

When it comes to your skin, menopause brings on some unique changes. You might find your skin drier and thinner than before, and you might start to notice some slackness. Since hot flashes and skin redness happen to most women going through menopause, you might find your skin more sensitive and reactive than ever. You might even get acne again! 

The main culprit behind the most common changes–dry, slack, and thinning skin–is the natural decrease in estrogen that happens during menopause.

How does estrogen loss affect the skin’s health? 

Estrogen loss contributes to a lower defense against oxidative stress, leading to a breakdown of collagen and elastin. It’s estimated that collagen declines by as much as 30% in the first five years after menopause. Estrogen also contributes to the production of ceramides in the skin, which are crucial in the formation of the skin's barrier function. When the skin barrier is compromised, skin can become itchy and dry. This, combined with redness, flushing, and hot flashes makes for some very uncomfortable skin.  

With this in mind, we’ve put together a skincare routine specifically for women going through menopause so you can support your skin as it changes.

Step 1: Cleanser

It’s important to use a cleanser that won't contribute to further moisture loss, which can happen when skin is stripped of its natural oils and barrier function is compromised.

It’s important to use a cleanser that won't contribute to further moisture loss.

The Graydon Aloe Milk Cleanser has a lightweight, creamy texture, which feels cooling and soothing for hot, flushed, or dry skin. It’s naturally hydrating and contains niacinamide, which, when applied topically, can help protect the skin against moisture loss by helping to stimulate the production of ceramides and fatty acids. The cleanser can even be left on as a soothing mask to get the full benefits from its ingredients.  

Step 2: Facial Mist

Following cleansing, the Graydon Face Food Mineral Mist will further help cool flushed skin, soothing it with magnesium and boosting it with copper, which is an essential mineral in the production of elastin, the structure keeping skin plump and bouncy.

The copper water used in Face Food readily penetrates into the skin, creating almost instant hydration and cell therapy.  

Step 3: Serum

To help counteract a decline in collagen and elastin, retinol is often a go-to skincare ingredient, but can be irritating for skin during menopause when it's more prone to redness and sensitivities.

Retinol can irritate the skin, which is why bio-retinol is a great alternative for skin that is sensitive and reactive during menopause.

The Graydon Supermoon Serum is an ideal addition to this routine, formulated with two bio-retinol ingredients that act like retinoids without the irritating side effects. Supermoon Serum is also extremely hydrating and containing antioxidants like vitamin C, which will further support and brighten lackluster skin.  

Step 4: Cream

Finishing off, the Graydon Skin Stuff Eye + Face Cream is the final step to seal moisture in with oils rich in fatty acids, while fortifying the barrier function with ceramides.

Skin Stuff uses ceramide NP, which helps supplement the skin’s natural ceramide production to combat dryness and protect against itchiness and redness. Its lightweight texture is ideal if heavy products feel too thick during hot flashes and flushing, but can be easily layered with an oil serum, like Jade Moon Superfood Serum, for additional protection.  

One special mention goes to Graydon Phyto Clear, which is often recommended as a cream for oily/combination skin types, but is excellent for firming skin with its double bio-retinol. This, combined with its lightweight texture is ideal for the neck, which has thinner skin than the face, and is even more prone to sagging, irritation, and pore congestion.

Support Your Skin Health

With so many new experiences to adapt to during menopause, we know it can be challenging to find skincare products that suit your changing skin. Your skin barrier needs support more than ever, and you deserve to have products that can soothe your skin during hot flashes.

By understanding the changes your skin is going through and the types of products and ingredients that help, we hope you feel ready to take on anything menopause throws at you!

We're here to give you good skin days every dayno matter what your skin is going through.

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