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The Pink Moon Skin-fulness Practice

The Pink Moon Skin-fulness Practice

Dive into spring and celebrate April’s full moon with a refreshing skincare routine and flower-themed gratitude practice.

April’s full moon arrives tonight! Known as the Pink Moon, the name makes it seem like you’ll see a rosy glow when you look up at the moon tonight.

But that isn’t why this full moon is called the Pink Moon–it’s actually named after the pink wildflowers that bloom at this time of year, and represents the beginning of spring when plants start to spring forth out of the soil!

This is the perfect time to recognize and enjoy what is new in your life. The Pink Moon invites you to ask yourself: What flowers did I plant that are finally coming to bloom?

Since we love to mix skincare routines that feed your skin and selfcare practices that feed your spirit, we’ve put together a 2-part Pink Moon Skin-fulness Practice that embodies celebrating the fresh, new season ahead of us!

Refresh Your Skin

Winter is finally giving way to spring, which means that it’s the perfect time to reassess and reset your skincare. You might have been noticing lately that your skin is reacting to the changes in weather, and its needs might be slightly different.

Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a refresh and show your skin some love. We’ve put together a routine based around some of our pink products–Aloe Milk Cleanser and Face Glow–in celebration of the Pink Moon! 

Here’s our special Pink Moon skincare routine:

Step 1: Mask

Onto clean skin, take 3-4 pumps of Aloe Milk Cleanser and apply over the entire face like you would a face mask. Leave on for 5-15 minutes. Because this cleanser is hydrating, it’s suitable to leave on for longer periods of time.

Plus, those extra minutes allow the niacinamide and antioxidant-rich black tea in the formula to balance your skin tone, help with redness, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, leaving your skin feeling oh so soft.

Step 2: Exfoliate

When it’s time to remove your Aloe Milk mask, grab a damp face cloth or a tool like our bamboo charcoal sponge to wash off the mask. Using these instead of your hands allows you to gently exfoliate your skin, getting rid of any extra dead skin cells or dirt.

Step 3: Moisturize

Apply your fave moisturizer to your freshly exfoliated skin. If you’ve been noticing that your winter moisturizer is starting to get a bit heavy with the changing weather, add a couple drops of a water-based serum like Supermoon Serum to lighten your moisturizer. Supermoon’s powerful combo of peptides, vitamin c, and bio retinol will also give your moisturizer a skin-loving boost.

Step 4: Glow

If you want your skin to glow like the full moon, end your routine by applying a layer of Face Glow to the skin. This illuminating primer has a gorgeous rosy tint to it and the mineral-rich mica in the formula adds radiance to the skin, which adds up to a beautiful, healthy glow. Plus, ingredients like raspberry seed oil in Face Glow hydrate, brighten, and protect your skin.

Plant Your Garden

Since the Pink Moon is named after wildflowers–a symbol of natural, perseverant growth–this practice is all about recognizing the opportunities and pieces of happiness springing forth for you. If each new possibility is a wildflower, now is the time to thoughtfully decide which of these flowers you want to nurture in your garden.

Here’s how to plant your garden:

Step 1: Reflect

Take 15 minutes to reflect on what is happening in your life right now. What new things are on the horizon that were totally unexpected? What have you been planning for that you are finally ready to bring to fruition? What is something that isn’t exactly new, but has changed, evolved, or grown lately?

Step 2: Flower

After you’ve given yourself space to explore and reflect, start to think of what your flowers could be. What, of everything you’ve thought about, are things you would like to invest your energy into so that they can bloom to their fullest potential?

Write them all down in a list. You can even start to visualize them as flowers, too. For example, you might picture a new friendship as a bright orange tulip, or a recommitment to an old hobby as a soft pink peony.

Step 3: Uproot

When you have your list ready, look at all you’ve written and know that these flowers will continue to grow like the resilient wildflowers that appear every April–in unexpected but lovely ways.

And yet, there are a few that will stick out to you as important. These are the flowers you will plant in your garden. Take some time to select the ones that matter to you.

Step 4: Plant

When you’ve chosen your flowers, make a promise to yourself to "plant" them now and tend to them over the lunar cycle. Each flower needs a different amount of sun and water–and your intentions are the same. Give yourself some time to think about the steps you’ll take to cultivate and make the most of these possibilities. You can even write these steps down too.

Step 5: Bloom

If you want to take it one step further, give yourself daily reminders of the metaphorical garden you’ve created for yourself. Make your computer or phone’s background an image of the specific flowers you chose–there are plenty of pictures of tulips and peonies out there! Buy a bouquet for your home, or take time to notice the wildflowers popping up the next time you go for a walk.

Enjoy the Pink Moon

Whether you try one or both of our Pink Moon practices–or you’re just planning on enjoying the full moon, we hope this lunar cycle brings you abundance, excitement, and new growth.

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