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How to Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

How to Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day is our yearly reminder to take care of our planet… but we should be making an effort to be sustainable and eco-conscious every day! Here's how we do it.

Earth Day is our yearly reminder to take care of our planet… but we should be making an effort to be sustainable and eco-conscious every day! However, that is easier said than done. Lately, it feels like making the effort to live sustainably is a luxury for only those with a lot of time or money on their hands. What should be the most accessible thing–the Earth–can feel hard to reach through the layers of plastic and waste we encounter every day. On top of that, so many of us feel guilty that we aren’t doing enough, and it makes it hard to celebrate the eco-friendly choices we do choose to incorporate into our lives.

This is the barrier a lot of us encounter when we think about what we can do to live more sustainably. None of us are perfect, but a desire to treat the planet kindly is all you need to start making a difference. You don’t have to be eco-friendly all the time, in every part of your life. Finding ways to give back to the Earth that fit with your values and lifestyle is possible, and feels oh-so rewarding when you start taking action!

Each of us at Graydon Skincare celebrate and give back to the Earth in different ways. We all have unique lives and do our best to fit environmentally beneficial practices into them in a way that matches up with our interests in values. We’ve all come together to share how we celebrate our big, blue, and beautiful planet each day, and hope some of our personal advice and ideas inspires you to see how sustainability can fit into your life.

Graydon Moffat, Founder & CEO

“Having read about how the demand for avocados has wreaked havoc on populations that are suffering from water shortages such as Morocco, I counter my guilt of eating these delicious but overpriced fruits by saving avocado seeds and sprouting them in the eccentric collection of mason jars that I have.

When they're big enough to be planted, I give them away as a gift. They look so cute and pretty with a piece of (previously used) ribbon tied around them. Also, instead of using a gift bag that will go into the trash I love using vintage kitchen towels as my 'wrapping paper'.

In the spring, I also grow veggies in cardboard egg cartons. I've had good luck with potatoes, carrots, and onions. When they're big enough and it's sufficiently warm outside, I put them in a planter and they look really cute together. Perfect for an apartment balcony.”

Pedro Marques, Creative Director

“My way of helping is choosing to live in a walkable community where I don't ever have to drive. I can walk or bike to most of my daily needs. 

I also grow a CO2 trapping garden in the sky in my downtown highrise condo.”

Seanna Cohen, Account Manager + Skin Therapist

“This is definitely something that weighs on me, like I'm not doing enough, or will never be able to do enough. My husband and I have made a conscious decision to remain living in the downtown core of Toronto. It means we rely far less on driving and can access everything we need within walking distance, or by using transit.

 A smaller living space also means we consume a lot less because we don't have room for it! I've found that making earth-friendly choices are also always more healthy for us! It means walking more or buying less packaged goods and relying more on whole foods. I try to shop at the farmers markets when I can because even when buying whole foods, grocery stores still package fruits and veggies in tons of plastic. It drives me nuts!”

Emma Giono, Marketing Lead

“Being kind to the Earth doesn't have to be overwhelming. Small changes in our daily routines can make a big difference. 

These are some small things I do to be kinder to our earth.

Try washing clothes on cold water and hang drying them to save energy. Turn off lights in empty rooms and wear a sweater before cranking up the heat. Reduce food waste by pre-planning meals.

When shopping, choose items with minimal packaging and when possible buy secondhand. Even eggshells can find new life as garden fertilizer!

These little choices add up to a greener future for our planet."

Grace Regan, Copywriter

“For me, sustainability is easier when you lean on community. I live with just my partner, and it can sometimes feel like we are using up so much as only two people. What I’ve found helps a lot is to be willing to share and swap with people you know, and collaborate when possible.

For example, we do a lot of cooking. Every so often we will get together with a group of people, gather up what is lying around our houses (and buy any extras needed) and cook a huge supply of food we can all divide up and freeze. It usually ends up being cheaper and more convenient too, on top of it being more sustainable and less wasteful.

We also get together at my friend’s house every September because his family makes a huge yearly batch of tomato sauce. Dozens of people show up to help out, and the sauce gets divided up into mason jars for everyone at the end. Last year, they made a couple hundred jars, and we’re still using it all these months later! And the mason jars get sterilized and returned for refills the next year. They’ve been doing it for years, and I’ve loved being invited to participate the past few.

Happy Earth Day!

You might not have even realized it, but we’d bet that you’ve already made lifestyle choices that are good for the planet… and today is the day to get inspired to find even more ways to live sustainably. Maybe you also live in a walkable community, or you love gardening and growing food. Maybe you already cook with family and friends or shop at the farmer’s market when you can. Maybe you’ve got your laundry machine set to cold, or you’ve kept all your kids’ clothes to give away as hand me downs. These are all little ways you’re taking part in a community effort to make use of what you have and live sustainably.

Happy Earth day, every day!


Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to share our commitment to plant-based ingredients, transparency, and sustainability. We're proud to harness biotechnology to create effective products that have a positive impact on the environment.

Phytogreen is our way of symbolizing our ongoing dedication to using, sharing, and celebrating the best in eco-friendly, plant-powered technology. Look for this sign when shopping on our site!

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