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Have you noticed that your skin has been missing something lately? Not necessarily dry, or irritated but...lifeless? You would even go as far to say your skin looks DULL?

Here are a few reasons why your skin is looking dull and what to do about it…


1. You aren’t taking care of your dead skin cells.

We regenerate and shed millions of skin cells a day! This means we’ve got to help get rid of the stubborn dead skin cells that linger on our faces. These stubborn cells are the reason why our skin starts to look lifeless and grey... the only way to help your skin is with gentle exfoliation!

Our Bamboo-charcoal sponge + Face Foam pair provide the ultimate gentle exfoliation your skin needs. Azelaic acid in Face Foam works as a gentle exfoliant that helps to unclog your pores and refine the skin's surface. - Don’t worry, it’s so gentle that it works on sensitive skin!

2.The polluted air is discolouring your skin.

There is no way to avoid pollution these days, so all you can do is help protect your skin against it. All the dirt and sulfur dioxide in the air will stop at nothing to create free radicals on your skin. Yes, this means damage to your collagen. -  uhhh wrinkles and pigmentation production! This causes the uneven skin tone and texture that makes your skin look dull. 
Our Face Glow is the perfect tinted moisturizer, highlighter or primer to wear out (especially for those who enjoy the no makeup, makeup look)! Non-nano zinc and Buriti Oil in Face Glow helps protect your face against the elements and other environmental stressors! 

3. Stress causes skin issues.

In this fast paced world it’s so easy to get caught up in stressful situations and stress in general. We need to make sure we are taking the time to relax and to take time for ourselves! The more your cortisol levels go up, the more your blood will circulate to your vital organs and not your face. This will leave your skin looking lifeless! 
Relax with a nice warm bath and our Intimacy Oil. Intimacy oil is the perfect multi-purpose body oil with squalane oil to help moisturize and vitamin E to help rejuvenate and even our your skin tone. Not to mention, it is the perfect excuse to set aside 5 minutes for yourself! - Self care for grounding, try it.

4. Stop neglecting your skin's hydration

The loss of hydration below the skin’s surface in the dermis can cause your skin to thicken. In other words, the thicker your skin, the less it's going to look buoyant and full of life. 
You should of course always be drinking water, but another way to help with hydration is our Fullmoon Serum. Hyaluronic acid naturally derived from senna, in our Fullmoon Serum helps to hydrate and boost your skins health!

5. Don’t forget your trace minerals.

Your body’s natural antioxidants rely on trace minerals to form healthy radiant skin. In other words, be mindful of where you are getting your trace minerals and how you are incorporating them into your diet (and skin diet).
Our Face Food Mineral Mist has all the minerals your face needs! Infused with silver, magnesium, copper, zinc and malachite our Face Food helps reduce inflammation, balance redness, improve collagen production, provide antibacterial properties and helps to protect your skin from environmental pollution!

6. Protect your skin from the sun.

No one wants allover hyper-pigmentation which often leads to uneven, discoloured looking skin. Sun damage can cause weakened collagen production. - uhhh wrinkles and pigmentation! (In other words, DULL skin).
Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and sun protecting skin care. Our Face Glow is the perfect primer/moisturizer to wear under or over your sunscreen! Infused with Smithsonite, our Face Glow helps to protect again free radical damage and UVB.

7. Consider your hormones.

There are often uncontrollable circumstances that cause our hormones to act out and unfortunately, this is often reflected on our skin. It is important to pick out skin care that is well suited for your skin type, and for different times of the year as your skin type can fluctuate!
Reach out to us at Graydon Skincare if you have any questions on your skin type or how to shop for your skin type! (or reach out to say hello!) Aside from skin care, don’t forget to exercise, drink water and find time for #selfcare. 
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