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Declutter Your Routine
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Declutter Your Routine

Don't you just feel SO relaxed once things around you are tidy? No wonder KonMari-ing your things is so on trend!

But don't forget to clean up your skin care routine too. That zen-feeling of simplicity shouldn't stop just at your shelf! We've teamed up with Modern & Minimalist blogger Michele to learn how she used Graydon to declutter her routine.

"I decided to invest in a minimalist luxury skincare brand that is locally made in Toronto, Canada and it’s called Graydon. As I get older, I also want to take better care of my aging skin and I think it’s so important to use products made of good for you ingredients. Graydon Skin Care products are all made of plant based ingredients of superfoods and extracts which I love. I will be trying this out for the first time to see if it will make a difference to my skin. I have suffered from acne growing up, and even as an adult in my thirties I still have some breakouts on my neck and chin especially in the winter. I’m going to show you all a before and after of my skin as well to show you the benefits of investing in your skin and yourself."
- Michele

She found her perfect, simplistic cleansing routine using our Face Foam, Konjac sponge, and Face Food, which hydrates and locks in moisture while also protecting my skin from free radicals and environmental pollution. She then uses our Fullmoon Serum and Superfood Serum mixed together like a skin care smoothie. Followed by Berry Rich probiotic face and eye cream, and then finally Green Cream phyto-retinol clarifying complex cream on my chin and neck area only to help her combat some congestion.

PS. Our team's personal favourite trick is using multi-purpose products!

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