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Boost Your Skin With Vitamin K
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Boost Your Skin With Vitamin K

Our new serum gives your skin a glow with seven vitamins, including vitamin K. Read on to discover the benefits of adding vitamin K to your skincare routine.

It’s finally here!

I am over the moon about the launch of our new serum, Moon Boost!

It’s been two years in the making and has gone through over 50 prototypes, but we created a revolutionary new multivitamin serum that made all of the hard work worth it! We’re so excited about this formula that we’ve been featuring a different vitamin in Moon Boost every day this week. 

The final vitamin in the Moon Boost formulation is vitamin K.

While not as widely talked about as other skincare ingredients, vitamin K does have some amazing benefits to offer. For starters, vitamin K helps to speed wound healing by reducing the size of the wound and forming collagen fibres and blood vessels.(1) It also plays a major role in blood circulation and clotting, which leads researchers to believe that vitamin K can help reduce the appearance of bruising and dark circles.(2) With benefits like these, I think vitamin K deserves a little more attention. 

Don’t miss out on everything that vitamin K has to offer. Order your bottle of Moon Boost now!



Moon Boost brings out the best in your skin with seven vitamins, including vitamin F. Click here to discover the skin benefits of vitamin F.


(1) Pazyar, Nader et al. “Wound healing effects of topical Vitamin K: A randomized controlled trial.” Indian journal of pharmacology vol. 51,2 (2019): 88-92. doi:10.4103/ijp.IJP_183_18

(2) Ahmadraji, Fatemeh, and Mohammad Ali Shatalebi. “Evaluation of the clinical efficacy and safety of an eye counter pad containing caffeine and vitamin K in emulsified Emu oil base.” Advanced biomedical research vol. 4 10. 6 Jan. 2015, doi:10.4103/2277-9175.148292

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