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Transitioning Your Skin To Winter

Transitioning Your Skin To Winter

In order to maintain healthy skin, you’re going to have to adapt to the weather change. Here’s how you can change your routine to have your skin glowing this winter.

Winter brings holiday cheer, beautiful snowfalls, and the perfect excuse to snuggle up at home with a soft blanket and a warm cup of tea. To some, winter has many perks, but there are things we want to stay away from. The cold weather brings dry skin and chapped lips, which is something that no one really likes.

Just like our wardrobe changes every season as you swap out shorts and t-shirts for knitted sweaters and fuzzy socks, your skincare routine should be changing too. In order to maintain healthy skin, you’re going to have to adapt to the weather change. Here’s how you can change your routine to have your skin glowing this winter.

Common Winter Skin Issues

Cold air steals moisture from your skin, so if you suffer from dryness, this will make it a lot worse. Between the cold air, harsh Canadian winds, and dry indoor heat, there are many types of skin issues that arise once the winter arrives. Eczema, rosacea and psoriasis are just some skin issues that are very common but tend to flare up more in the winter season. 

Winter Routine

When transitioning your routine to winter, you don’t need an abundance of products. In fact, you should only have a few hydrating products, because those will go a long way. 

Hydrating Cleanser

For the winter seasons you want to avoid harsh cleansers that dry out your skin. Using gentle, moisturizing cleansers is the best way to keep your skin barrier feeling good in the cold. Graydon’s Aloe Milk Cleanser is a hydrating cream cleanser that is perfect for sensitive skin. With super ingredients like aloe vera juice and maple water, it helps give back moisture that the cold has taken away. It also has pink grapefruit and blood orange which will help brighten your skin.

When you opt for a hydrating cleanser that protects your skin barrier, it can be just as effective at shielding your skin from the cold as bundling up in a warm scarf or coat.

Hyaluronic Acid is also a great ingredient to help retain moisture. So if you want to incorporate that into your routine then our Supermoon Serum is the perfect next step after cleansing your skin. Not only that, but it also serves as a double bio retinol and retinol is great for plumping and smoothing your skin.

Moisturize Frequently 

Moisturizing is going to be your best friend in the winter. We're talking about morning and night, and not just your face. Between showering and washing our hands, you mix that with the cold air and your hands and body will be just as dry. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it’s only right to moisturize every part of it.

As mentioned, retinol is great for the winter as it plumps your skin up, but ceramides are also an amazing ingredient to help lock in moisture which is why Phyto Clear and Skin Stuff should be your go to moisturizers this season. 

Phyto Clear is great for combination skin. Not only does it have retinol, but it has broccoli seed oil to help protect your skin barrier from environmental pollution. Skin Stuff is lightweight, and with ingredients like maple water it is oh so hydrating. Ceramides help replenish your skin's barrier while locking it in. Skin stuff also has pomegranate seed oil which also helps seal in all the moisture you’ve applied.

Limit Hot Showers

A lukewarm shower or bath keeps your skin from drying out.

We know how Canadian winters can get, and that might make you want to turn up the heat for your showers. But, we’re here to tell you not to! Hot water can dry out your skin, and since the cold air is already doing that, you don’t want to add on to it. If you can’t do a lukewarm shower or bath, then try limiting a hot shower to a few minutes. If you still need a little extra warmth, slipping into a fluffy robe or a pair of cushy slippers is the perfect way to cozy up and beat the chill.

Wear SPF 

I know what you’re thinking, “sunscreen in winter?” Well, the answer is yes! Even though the sun's UV rays aren’t as strong as they are in the summer, they’re still present and can still age and cause damage to your skin. Not to mention, the sun’s UV rays reflect off the snow so, if you love some winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, wearing sunscreen is super important because you could get a sunburn. As always, if you’re going to be spending time outdoors we recommend SPF 30+ and apply every two hours. 

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean that your skin has to suffer. Whether you’re staying toasty by the fire or out enjoying the snow, your skin needs extra love this time of year. Take the time to curate the perfect routine for you, and enjoy all the fun winter has to offer! 

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