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A Little More About Graydon
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A Little More About Graydon

For Graydon Moffat, great things come out of simple things.  Take her eponymous beauty brand, Graydon Skincare, as an example.  Graydon Moffat has made Graydon Skincare into a brand that effuses all things plant powered.  It uses the natural goodness and power of plants (i.e., their minerals, vitamins and proteins) to make skincare products. After all, one of their more popular hashtags is#plantpoweredskincare! Graydon Moffat chalks up her love of “plant powered” to the time she spent in the South of France and California. She was exposed to artisanal farming and aromatherapy at a young age. That inspired Graydon to learn more about food, health and skincare.  Now this Yoga expert is a plant powered skincare expert.  This is the beauty story of Graydon Moffat. This is another interview with a successful woman #IWASW!

My grandmother lived in France and exposed me to a lot of things at a young age.  She was educated at the Sorbonne and always spoke to me in French.  She taught me that often, “less is more,” especially in areas like makeup.  As a child, she would put her cold cream over my face at night and a tiny bit of rouge on my cheeks.  She told me the reason why French women are so beautiful is because they understand the how to accentual natural beauty with makeup.

My concept of beauty is that it definitely comes from within.  My skincare regime is pretty simple.  My focus is on cleansing and moisturizing and if I put makeup on it is a very minimal “unmakeup” look using our Face Glow.  If I’m not using my own skincare products I often just pull out whatever’s in my kitchen pantry and fridge.  Some of my favorite ingredients are coconut yogurt, mashed papaya, matcha tea and almond butter.  I have been known to whip up skincare products right in my own kitchen!

I work a lot and my work often involves getting a little dirty experimenting with new ingredients and moving around inventory in our work space.  Consequently, I need to keep my personal style simple and functional.  I usually put on comfortable skinny jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.  My Granny always encouraged me to wear a scarf to keep my neck (throat chakra) warm so I nearly always have one of her old scarfs around my neck.  If I have to look like a proper grown up, I just put on some boots or heels, a vintage hat and some a red lipstick.  I need to feel comfortable so my simple, but hopefully stylish, fashion sense needs to facilitate this!

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My Grandmother has obviously been a huge inspiration in my life.  I consider her one of the most beautiful people I have ever met.  She was truly beautiful inside and out.  I never would have had the creativity or courage to do what I’m doing without the many sayings and proverbs she imparted.  One of my favorites was “Think a good, come a good.” I say this to myself all the time especially when I’m in a difficult situation.  It reminds me that we have the power to manifest good things and that a positive mindset is a great indicator of what one creates in life.

My current favorite beauty trend is “oil cleansing method” which is washing your face with an oil and taking off all your dirt, makeup and residue with a warm wet washcloth. For a perfectly clean, but not stripped face, I follow this with a pump of our Face Foam on our Bamboo Charcoal Sponge.

The one beauty product I cannot live without is our Face Glow.  It’s such a great multi-tasking moisturizer.  It gives me a little coverage and it’s formulated with 10% non-nano zinc which is soothing for my redness prone skin while offering a hefty dose of natural sun protection.

That was the beauty story of Graydon Moffat!
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