Want Good Hair?

Want Good Hair?

Little did you know it but your hair care routine is not just about shampoo + conditioner and some styling lotion you slap on before you get busy with your blow dryer... it all starts with your scalp. 

A healthy scalp = healthy, lustrous, smooth hair. And conversely, an unhealthy happy scalp = oily, thinning, dull strands, often speckled with flakes (the British word for dandruff) and if you're unlucky, a colony of lice.

And the good news is that you don't actually need fancy products to get good results. Keep reading for some great tips how to get healthy hair. 

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One of the most effective DIY treatments to get healthy hair is to mix together a few essential oils that will tonify the scalp and revitalize the hair follicles, the area where your individual hairs insert into your head.

Luckily many of the oils are readily available in most health food stores and pharmacies so they're not too hard to get. My favourite blends are rosemary (balancing), blood orange/lemon (astringent), lavender (soothing) + peppermint (invigorating). You can use a combination of these.

All you'll need to do is dribble a 20 to 30 drops onto your scalp - preferable when your hair is untangled and not coated with any styling product. Try to divide the drops evenly covering your part, the nape of your neck and above your ears, avoiding your eye area :)

Upon application, use a large soft (natural if possible) bristled brush and brush your hair upside down to evenly distribute your essential oil blend all over your head. Make this a leisurely activity and enjoy how good it feels. Breathe deeply and enjoy the aroma enveloping you.

Note that if you have even if you have super short hair or especially if you're balding, you should still do this too.  

If time allows, wrap a towel around your head and sleep on it, before washing out. If not, keep it on for at least 15 minutes, then shampoo, condition, and marvel at how shiny your hair looks and how good your scalp feels!

You're on your way to lots of compliments... so enjoy :)

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