I Love You Dad!

I Love You Dad!

Those words are very personal for me. Without my Dad (who we affectionately call Paulo) I wouldn't have this little business. My 79-year-old father is very active at Graydon HQ often getting up at 4:30am to deliver packages, going back and forth to the lab, keeping track of our books and always managing to keep a smile on our face. 

Paulo truly embodies the phrase 'young at heart', and I count my blessings each and every day that my team and I are so lucky to have a great man as a mentor, father and business partner. He has taught me about business and I've taught him about skincare. We're a good little team :)

Whether or not you have a father in your life, I suspect that many of you have some good men in your life and even if those guys are not your dad they deserve to be honoured. 

graydon skincare dad
I'm also going to bet that if you're a daughter, partner or 'significant other' those guys in your life like to steal your stuff (I'm talking about your skincare stash) so maybe it's time to get him his own collection!

Starting today we're taking 15%* off 
all the favourites them boys like so much

All Over Soap - his all-in-one soap to keep all his bits clean from head-to-toe
Super Sensitive Skin Stuff - a super light, unscented cream to keep his face soft and kissable
Eau Pour Garçons - our stinky boy spray to freshen up smelly smells
Face Food Mineral Mist - helps to calm redness on a freshly shaved face
Elixir Oil - a moisture rich, aromatic oil to smooth over his face... perfect for anointing any body part

Note that this awesome little promo ends on Father's Day (which is in 11 days) but if you're a smarty-pants, you'll get your order in now so it ships on time and then you can actually give your guy the goodies he deserves on Sunday, June 18th. 

*Discount is reflected on product page, no promo code needed. Offer ends June 18th, 2017 at 11:59pm EST.

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