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Thoughts on Earth Day Amidst the COVID Crisis
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Thoughts on Earth Day Amidst the COVID Crisis

Some thoughts on Earth Day from our Founder, Graydon Moffat.   
With half the world's population remaining inside their homes, air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions are down while vibrations on the Earth's surface have lessened and city soundscapes are changing. 
People are hearing the sounds of nature for the first time in cities. It's kinda awesome.
And almost 6 weeks into a near global-wide lockdown has Mother Earth looking like she got a mid-life crisis facelift.
If that doesn't inspire you to take climate action — this year's theme for Earth Day, 
I don't know what will.
Earth Day is a time to reflect and give back to nature.
Now more than ever, this day is a reminder that we all share the Earth. 

We are all connected and dependent on each other to ensure the health of this planet we are lucky enough to call home.

- - -   

On a business note, I am deeply thankful for the farmers and sustainable suppliers who make it possible for us to create our plant-powered products.

In addition to our ongoing efforts to lighten our load on the planet, we're super happy to announce that we have implemented  Cloverly to help us offset the carbon footprint impact via the shipping out of our product orders.

With every purchase, Cloverly calculates real-time carbon offset costs and integrates easily onto eco-aware websites (like ours) and allows us to contribute money with each order from our website, to offset your carbon footprint.

This financial contribution is used by Cloverly to purchase wind + solar energy credits on behalf of all of us!
All of this goes towards renewable energy purchases and the best thing is that you will actually be able to see exactly where the money is going by clicking on the link that you see which says your order has been 'greened' at checkout :)
If you have any questions, we'd love to 'talk'!
Please reach out to us at!
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