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Support a Small Business: 2 Retailers That We Have a Personal Connection With
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Support a Small Business: 2 Retailers That We Have a Personal Connection With

This month, we're highlighting 2 retailers that our team members have a connection with. Keep reading to find out why they love these small businesses.


In this month’s small business highlight, we’re featuring two stores that our team has an extra special connection with. Now, let me be clear...all of our partner stores have a very special place in my heart. Without their support, and your support, Graydon Skincare wouldn’t be what it is today! That said, two of my team members have a more personal connection with the stores featured here. 

The Truth Beauty Company (Waterloo, Ontario)

The Truth Beauty Company Waterloo Store Interior

Founded by Jennifer Freitas, The Truth Beauty Company is a curated boutique of natural self care and lifestyle products. But to our Sales + Operations Coordinator, Angelique, it’s more than that! I’ll let her tell you why The Truth Beauty Company means so much to her. 

ANGELIQUE: I originally learned about The Truth Beauty Company over 10 years ago when I was in university. My boyfriend, who is now my husband, was going to school in Waterloo and I was studying in Guelph. On weekends, my in-laws sometimes picked me up and drove me to Waterloo, so that we could spend the day together as a family. We often stopped at The Truth Beauty Company after going out for a delicious meal together. I'm not sure what I loved more: the boho-chic atmosphere of the store, Jen's friendliness or reading the amazing list of ingredients found in each product Jen carries. In 2017, I began working for Jen and still do on an occasional basis today. I also still shop at The Truth Beauty Company and while I've primarily shopped online over the past one and a half years, I cannot wait to visit the store again! If you haven't visited The Truth Beauty Company, I highly suggest it! 

Angelique is right. If you haven’t visited The Truth Beauty Company, you should! From the moment you step through the door, their mission is clear: Beauty without compromise. Jennifer’s passion for wellness and environmentalism shines through all the brands she carries. The Truth Beauty company has been carrying Graydon Skincare products since 2016, so we had to know which of our products Jennifer and her customers love!

The Truth Beauty Company Founder, Jen Freitas

What is your favourite Graydon Skincare product and why? 

JENNIFER: I don't think I can choose only one; the line really is diverse and there are a few stand-outs for me. For simplicity's sake, I will choose only two though! 

When I think of Graydon, I think of skincare and so I will start with the Face Glow. The product does exactly what its very title offers—a face glow. This tinted moisturizer, primer, and illuminator truly is a jack of all trades; it balances and evens out my skin tone and it also leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I personally find that the little amount of make-up I wear (because Face Glow is just sooo good!) stays put and lasts much longer throughout the day. I really love having dewy skin and the mica in the formula gives me the perfect amount of subtle highlight. Lastly, the ingredient deck really is stellar and hosts many of my favourite skin-loving ingredients: sea buckthorn, zinc, buriti oil and more. 

Another Graydon product that I love and use daily is the Intimacy Oil. Using body oils is my favourite way to hydrate my skin. The Intimacy Oil soaks in instantly and leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished. I adore the scent as well—fresh and sweet and unique in the most delightful way. Again, the ingredient deck leaves nothing to be desired: fast-absorbing squalane, nourishing hemp seed and magical blue tansy

What are your customers’ favourite Graydon Skincare products and why?

Without a doubt, the Fullmoon Serum is my customers' absolute favourite product. It is our top selling item from the line and a few of the reviews I've been given are that it: 

“Goes on super smooth.”

“Improves the overall appearance of the skin.” 

“Gives skin a glow.”

Aside from this product, Graydon Skincare moisturizers take a close second to the Fullmoon Serum as far as being a favourite product. Putty, Skin Stuff Face + Eye Cream, Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream and Phyto Clear all sell equally among my True Beauties and in fact, many of my client's stock up on at least two so that they can cater to their skin's needs, as some days our skin feels drier and on some days it feels more oily. 

Is there anything that you want our readers to know about The Truth Beauty Company?

Nothing really new to share—just yet :) 

Special discount code: WeLoveGraydon to save 10% off site-wide (Expires: September 17, 2021).

Shop online:

Terra20 (Ottawa, Ontario)

Terra20 Store Exterior

Co-founders, Steve Kaminski and Bill Stewart, started Terra20 with the intention of building a brand that makes it easy to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Our team member, Kristie, can vouch for that. 

KRISTIE: I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit this, but there was a time when the fragrance of a very popular conventional laundry detergent was my favourite smell. One day I found myself wondering about that smell, so I started researching. Ultimately, my research inspired me to make the switch to natural products and led me through the doors of Terra20. Their ingredient standards and Ethical Icons helped take the guesswork out of choosing new products. I actually bought my very first Graydon product (a bottle of Fullmoon Serum) at Terra20. Whether I’m shopping online, at their huge flagship store or one of their smaller franchise locations, I love that I can shop with confidence!

Kristie isn’t alone in her green journey. Making the switch from conventional brands can be overwhelming. We love that Terra20 is committed to making healthy living easy! Graydon Skincare has been part of Terra20’s clean beauty line up since 2015 and after all this time, we wanted to know which of our products get the most love in their stores!

Terra20 President and Co-Founder, Bill Stewart

What is your favourite Graydon product and why? 

AUDRA (Representative for President and Co-Founder, Bill Stewart): My favourite Graydon product. Hmmmm. Just one?! Hard to choose from such a great assortment of fantastic, clean, plant-based, vegan products. Graydon has been a highlight on Terra20 shelves for quite some time now. Our guests have not only come to love the Graydon brand, they trust the fabulous results they see.

My personal favourite would have to be Fullmoon Serum. I have…ahem, more mature skin. I can feel and see the difference this serum makes to my skin. It feels light and moisturizing. The Face Food Mineral Mist, with its dreamy scent runs a close second—it’s so incredibly refreshing! And I don’t mind saying, it makes me glow! I will also tell you that the beautiful, serene turquoise colour of the product and beautiful packaging is something I love to see first thing in the morning in my bathroom. 

What are your customers’ favourite Graydon products and why?

AUDRA: Terra20’s top selling Graydon products are Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream, Skin Stuff Face + Eye Cream and Fullmoon Serum. These are products our customers have come to rely on for consistent results and better skin. 

Is there anything that you want our readers to know about Terra20?

AUDRA: Terra20 is celebrating its 9th anniversary this month!

Special discount code: All Graydon Skincare products are 20% off at Terra20 during the month of September. No discount code required!

Shop online:

If you live in Waterloo or Ottawa, I encourage you to visit these amazing retailers in person and discover for yourself why Angelique and Kristie love them so much! 

And if you live in the United States, check out these small businesses. 


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