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Meet Shay: Community Coordinator

Meet Shay: Community Coordinator

Shay is the newest member of the Graydon Skincare team. Keep reading to learn about her passion for green beauty, social media and marketing.

Hey everyone! My name is Shay and I recently joined Graydon Skincare to support their Customer Experience, Social Media and Marketing teams. 

My passion for conscious beauty started when I discovered that I had a hormone irregularity. When I was 15 years old I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Ever since my diagnosis I have strived to implement healthy practices in all aspects of my life, including my skincare routine. I noticed that many of my conventional products had hormonal disruptors which made me become more conscious of the ingredients I was applying onto my skin and fuelled my passion for green beauty.

I was able to share my passion for green beauty at the Detox Market where I worked as a sales associate. Through product knowledge and interacting with customers from various backgrounds, I learned more about beauty brands that focus on ethically-sourced and plant-based ingredients. 

I discovered my love for Graydon Skincare by both selling and using their many wonderful products. I applied Face Food throughout my shifts to hydrate my skin and received so many compliments about my glowing complexion! When I wasn’t on the sales floor, I created beauty focussed content for fun which led to me collaborating with the Detox Market marketing team on various campaigns. 

I continued exploring my passion for social media and marketing by gaining experience in advertising and public relations. I worked with brands to help initiate and launch influencer campaigns, brand strategies and explore digital marketing practices. 

I am excited to be a part of the Graydon team where I can further express my passion for sustainable beauty and social media. Working for a company that values ethically-sourced ingredients, transparency and real results motivates me to help further contribute to the success and growth of Graydon Skincare!

Wishing you good skin days, every day.



Natalie is another important member the Graydon team! Read on to learn about her role at Graydon and how her passion for clean beauty began. 

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