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Meet Evolutionary Astrologer, Sara Elise

Meet Evolutionary Astrologer, Sara Elise

My name is Sara Elise Gordon and I am an Evolutionary Astrologer. Aside from serving a dear International clientele, I also work for my original teacher and mentor, Debra Silverman. I am a certified astrologer for her community, and I teach for her amazing school, Applied Astrology.

I am what might be called a soul-based astrologer. That means that though I can talk about ‘normal’ stuff like career and relationship, I love to go deeper. ‘Free Yourself to be Yourself™’ is my moto because I am passionate about waking us up to who we came here to be! I truly believe that when we live in alignment with our Highest Potential, we contribute to the betterment of our world. And who doesn’t want to make this place a little better?? I know Graydon does, which is why I am excited to create together!

See, recognizing the sacred within the mundane is what I do for a living. But what about the practical stuff? The real world choices we make, each and every day? It’s so easy to be ‘spiritual’ when you’re in an astrology reading, but we all have a long litany of daily tasks that must be performed.  Long ago, I realized that the way I approach these daily tasks could make a difference in my life. I learned that taking proper care of my body and my home was a way to honor and deepen my spirituality. This vehicle, after all, houses my soul. My spirit. And every time I care for it, I am saying a pPrayer. Every choice I make that impacts it, is a ritual. And small rituals add up!!

Bringing awareness to what we do and how we treat ourselves and our surroundings, moment to moment, is how we begin to bridge the spiritual and the material. This is living in cohesion. Graydon understands this, and her products are like prayers. They contain energy and intention, deep research and care. They are like little spells of goodness that we can use every day in our self care rituals. I’m just so honored to be partnering with her, to bring a little magic to this community, and to celebrate her contribution to our wellness.

Written by Sara Elise

Find Sara at to learn more. 


Join Sara and Graydon on October 6th for their first Moon Bites Series - A virtual discussion to learn about the Moon and how to support yourself through the Lunar Cycle. Save your spot here

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