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Mama Glows Best - Graydon Skincare Celebrates Mom
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Mama Glows Best - Graydon Skincare Celebrates Mom

Learn how we're celebrating the special someone you choose to call Mom!

Being a mother is a truly remarkable and fulfilling experience, but it's also one of the most challenging. This year especially, many mothers have had to navigate working from home while schooling little ones and teens.

Thanks to the pandemic, it has also been a strain for some (err... many) moms who can't hug their children or grandchildren at all. 

I also want to acknowledge that Mother’s Day has become commercialized (thank you, Hallmark), but not all of us have had the mothering experience characterized by a greeting card. It's important to recognize that a mother is not always related to you, and comes in all shapes, sizes and gender identities.  

I hope you'll find the opportunity to celebrate the person you call 'mom' on Mother's Day. If you're a new mom, mom-to-be, grandma, fur mom, auntie, mother-in-law, god mom, dad mom, or shown love like a mom, we wish you a very happy Mother's Day. 


Mother's Day Contest Winners Stories 

Last Mother's Day, we hosted a contest to nominate a mother to win our Clean Beauty Starter Kit. We were so touched reading the countless nominations and stories about mothers/mother figures who made a meaningful difference in others lives. Below are a few entries that the winners agreed to share. We hope you enjoy reading their heart-warming stories just as much as we do! 

1. Linda Hutson 

A Letter to My 95 Year Old Mom

Dear mom,

You were the best mom – always patient, caring, understanding, and accepting of all situations and extremely wise.  You taught me the meaning of unconditional love – everyone was drawn to you for your amazing hugs and chocolates.  

You were always there for me when I needed you – as a child, in my difficult teen years and as I became a woman and into my senior years.  We played cards, went shopping, traveled the world and just shared a lot of precious time together. You instilled the necessity of washing my face every night and using quality facial products which you practiced wisely until the very end.  I was so proud to call you my mom and knew everyone around us was envious of our relationship.

It was an honour to take care of you in your declining years – something I will never regret. Your poor heart was so weak – I just wanted to make it better and take away your pain.

We had the most amazing week before you left us.  We will always remember your coming home on Friday and having your hair permed, spending a lovely Saturday visiting with us and your friend and Sunday brunch where you insisted that we take pictures of you in your pj’s and said it was important. We went shopping for new pj’s and tops and even took time for a coffee at the mall before you returned to the nursing home. You had so much extra energy and life and enjoyed every single minute of the weekend. It had been years since you were able to go out because of your pain. The following Friday you accepted an invitation by the home to attend the art gallery with a group.  We couldn’t see you being able to stay more than a few hours, so we came along as chaperones – you left at 10AM – thoroughly enjoyed you day visiting the exhibits, having lunch and working on a clay craft project and returning at 4PM – in great spirits.  We were totally amazed – it was like a miracle. That was the last time we saw you before your last heart attack. We were so proud of your decision to share your beautiful body with the chiropractic college. 

I really miss seeing your beautiful face, hearing you call out to me “Linda” and feel your amazing hugs. I miss you very much and love you sooo much.  You were my sweetie – lovable and innocent like a child that I never had. Thank you for being my mommy.

Your loving daughter Linda

This picture was taken at Mom’s Nursing Home by a volunteer and their dog the day before she passed away. What a lovely memory.

2. Jasika Arora 

My father passed away when I was 1 year old. After he passed away, my mother and I had nowhere to go and live as our family's sole earner was no longer with us. Being a housewife, my mother had never worked before but when we had nowhere to live, nothing (continued) 

I wanted to share a few pictures of my mom (Pooja Arora) and I.  We only have each other in this world after my father passed away 23 years ago. She's the only and the most precious thing that I have. My mom has been working nonstop ever since my father passed to provide for necessities. I have been working since I was 16 to support my mom. I now plan on giving her an early retirement in a few years so that for the first time in her life she could take a pause and enjoy her life and travel the world. Thank you for hosting this contest. This has filled my eyes with tears :)

3. Ashley Hyder

I dont have my mom anymore. I havent had her since I was 17 years old. I'm 31 now! I met Cindy through a family friend and she has been such a blessing to me. Her past of drug use and overcoming it has helped me in my struggles and journey. my clean date is 12/18/2019. Since getting home out of treatment she has been there for me and my new baby boy by taking us to all of our appointments since I don't have a car right now. this is such a gift because trying to get places in bad weather, on the bus, and with covid going around is not ideal. Sometimes I dont have enough money to pay for gas and she still shows up. When it snowed so much here, she still showed up. She has made me and my son a priority in her life and that means so much to me. I dont have much family either but I do feel apart of hers. Her wisdom that she has aquired from life has helped me make alot of really difficult decisions also. I could sit here all day and tell you how amazing she is. I truly feel so lucky that our paths crossed and I know God has put her in my life for very good reasons. Thank you for your time! Please enter me into your giveaway! 


 4. Monica Downe

My mother is a health hero, amazing wife, friend, mother and everything in between. She is a retired nurse working long hours to make sure the residents of PEI are getting their Covid vaccines and staying safe. She is the hardest worker I know and if I could be half the woman she is someday then I’d be doing alright. She is the most selfless and caring woman as she is always giving back to her community. The province of PEI is lucky to have such a strong and helpful nurse like her. My family is even more lucky to have her as our rock. Her strength, determination and kindness should be celebrated everyday! Happy Mother’s Day to a very special momma

5. Allan Thurman 

I am nominating my wife Karla as she is a super mom! She wakes up when she hears our daughters cry and tends to their every need. We have two daughters now and this giveaway would make her feel special like she should feel! She is a great mother and this would mean so much to her. 

6. Natasha Evans

Tiffany is a single mother to a beautiful wonderful daughter. I’m so proud of how she can raise her daughter herself. Her daughter is so excellent. Honestly, I’m trying to win this prize for her and get this shipped to her because I adore so much what she has accomplished as a mother.  


Curious about our products for moms-to-be? Click here to learn about using Graydon Skincare while pregnant.

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