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How To Remove Your Halloween Makeup with a Triple Cleanse
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How To Remove Your Halloween Makeup with a Triple Cleanse

The first rule of Skincare 101? Always remove your makeup before bed.

And on Halloween, I imagine you’ll probably participate in the fun. You’ll spend hours and hours to create the perfect Halloween makeup looks. I’m sure it’ll turn out great. Amazing even. Imagine how people would marvel at how awesome you will be 😍

The bad part? Taking off all that makeup. Yeah, now that’s no fun.

But it’s still extremely important for you to remove all the heavy makeup, because they can seriously clog your pores and lead to horrible breakout. But how should you cleanse your face without harsh scrubbing that will seriously irritate your skin?

Introducing…….THE TRIPLE CLEANSE!!!

So previously, you may have seen us mentioning the importance of the double cleanse. So what is this triple cleanse we’re speaking of???

Well, in essence, the triple cleanse is very similar to the double cleanse, with one distinctive difference: The cleansing tool.

While with the double cleanse, you’ll mostly be using your hands to cleanse, with a triple cleanse, you’ll incorporate a cleansing tool into the mix. It could be any tool of your own choosing, ranging from cleansing brushes like those from Clarisonic or Foreo, to microfibre cloths.

At Graydon Skincare, we choose to go with the bamboo charcoal konjac sponge - as it provides the  perfect texture to remove dirt and grime from your face in a very gentle way. Really, it is SO gentle that even if you have sensitive skin, you could still use it.

So how do you incorporate your cleansing tool into your cleansing routine? 🧐

First thing first, you’d want to choose an oil cleanser, a balm cleanser, or a cream cleanser like our Aloe Milk Cleanser. Now, instead of applying it onto your dry face using your hands, what you’d want to do is apply 2 - 3 pumps of the cleanser onto the konjac sponge. Then you use the sponge to massage your (dry) face for about 45 seconds. This will really help to break down all that stubborn and heavy makeup, making it easier for you to go in with your second cleanser.

Then, before moving onto the second cleanse, you’d want to rinse off the konjac sponge to keep it clean (or else, you’d just be smearing the same makeup from your sponge to your face again).

After rinsing your face (and your sponge) with lukewarm water, now you can move on to the second cleanse. We recommend using a foam cleanser - like the Face Foam - to deep cleanse and really get rid of all the nasties that hide in your pores. Again, apply 2 - 3 pumps of the cleanser onto the sponge and massage it into your face. Do this for about 30 - 45 seconds to really work the cleanser into your skin. Finish it by rinsing your face (again, and your sponge) with lukewarm water. And you’re set!!

And that’s it!! If you’re having to show off your creativity during Halloween, and decide to go with a fantabulous makeup lewk, then you also need to cleanse properly. 

Give the triple cleanse a try. Your skin will thank you 😉


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