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Breathing With Graydon
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Breathing With Graydon

When I started formulating beauty products, I was a vegan chef, teaching yoga in Southern California. My skincare concoctions were an organic (pun intended!) extension of my work in the holistic world, fuelled by my obsession with superfoods. 
In addition to my macrobiotic food home delivery business, my passion was mixing up face masks made with superfoods which are trendy now but virtually unheard of 20 years ago (think matcha, turmeric, ginger, and Manuka). 
One of my clients was a celebrity aesthetician who was having great results using my superfood products in her facials. This was when I had an 'aha' moment that the topical application and bioavailability of superfoods were visibly impactful. It took me some (err.. many) years to actually launch the line of products we have lovingly made which are available today. 
There have been many ups and downs for me personally and professionally along the way and through the challenging times it has been my yoga practice that has kept me going.   
So, with that, I thought I’d share a very simple yoga-inspired breathing sequence that you can do almost anywhere and anytime to inspire, uplift and ground you...


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