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Sharing Is Not Always Caring
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Sharing Is Not Always Caring

    Now more than ever, you might want to be cautious about sharing skincare and makeup.
Even though your roommate's skincare collection might be screaming your name, it’s best to dismiss this calling and stick to using your own skincare for your own selfcare (and healthcare) purposes.
Btw, the same goes if you share a bathroom with a family member or partner.
Here are some of the reasons why we feel it's prudent not to share your products with others.

You prob don't have the same skin needs or skin type.

Using a product that is not meant for your skin may cause it to flare up. If you’ve already got a regime that’s working for you, why shake it up and disrupt your skin’s natural defense system?   

How likely is it that you'll actually start using your roomie's product on the reg? 

There is no point in confusing your skin by using a product randomly, once. Sometimes it takes time for your skin to fully adjust to a product, using an unknown product once may just confuse your skin and cause it to react.     

Hello microbes, do you really want your roommate's?

As much as you may know someone, you never know how well they treat their products. 

Exercise extra caution if you are sharing something from a jar because you don’t know whose fingers have been in it and if those fingers were clean. 

If the product does not require the use of finger dipping application please make sure to wipe the bottle clean. We find a damp, soapy washcloth works well for this.     

You likely don’t know how old the products are

Dusty products are a good indicator of how long it may have been sitting on the shelf! It never hurts to double-check the bottle to see if you can find a production code or expiration date.     

All in all, be aware of the skincare you share and for your skin's sake, always do your best to tailor products that are suited for your skin and your skin only! 

Note that using products that come in airless pumps, such as our moisturizers or spray-on products such as our Face Food will also help limit contamination.


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