Moth Bean, A Natural Retinol for Glowing Skin

Moth Bean, A Natural Retinol for Glowing Skin

Retinol is a great ingredient to use if you have acne or want more of a youthful complexion. This vitamin A derivative is proven to boost collagen production which can help reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It can also help with clogged or congested pores and discoloration.

The problem though is despite all it’s anti-aging benefits, retinol is highly unstable. When exposed to UV light, it can degrade rapidly. It also can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin along with peeling and redness. Products that typically contain a retinol usually advise that you are diligent about using sunscreen afterwards as it can make your skin more vulnerable.

In our Fullmoon Serum we use a botanical retinol which has the same effects as retinol but without the drawbacks. It’s a highly stable alternative to regular retinol and our skin is able to tolerate it a lot better too!

Our botanical retinol is derived from the moth bean which is actually a legume rather than a vitamin A derivative. These light brown protein-rich pods contain seeds that are full of antioxidants and other skin related benefits.

Moth bean extract penetrates into the skin and is able to jump start collagen production and boost cell renewal.

Moth bean also contains phenolic compounds like caffeic acid, cinnamic acid, ferulic acid and kaempferol which all protect your skin against free radicals and UV damage.

If you are struggling with acne or congested skin, Fullmoon Serum is a great option for you. Since this serum is water-based, there are no oils or waxes that could further clog pores and trigger breakouts. The moth bean extract is also fantastic at slowing down signs of aging like fine lines and loss of skin elasticity.

This product is safe to use day or night.

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