Product Making Classes

Private Classes

Who doesn't love to roll up their sleeves and make stuff, especially when it comes to crafting homemade "lotions and potions"? Whether it’s a party or a fun filled activity, Graydon offers you the opportunity to learn how to make skin and body care products straight from your own kitchen using all natural accessible ingredients. You have the choice to tailor your own class or Graydon will be happy to design a class suitable for you. All supplies, set-up, and clean-up are included in the price.

*Cost varies according to what products are being made, the number of people in the group, as well as the location of the event.

Please contact Graydon by email for more info.


Community Programs

Graydon would be happy to offer a how to class in your local community centre or school anywhere across the GTA. Participants are taught how to make a wide range of all natural products, including cream, body oil, room spray, foot scrub, face masks, candles, bug spray and lip balm. In addition they will learn about the ingredients they are using along with basic product chemistry.

*Cost varies according to the number of people in the group, materials required and location of the class.

Please contact Graydon by email to discuss what you have in mind.



Why not have Graydon come in and host an in store product making class. Not only will Graydon teach attendees how to make their own natural skin and body care products, from their own kitchen, she will also educate them on the benefits and importance of using toxic free ingredients. Graydon has been a recurring guest educator at The Big Carrot, Belmonte Raw and Marni Wasserman’s Health Kitchen.

Please contact Graydon by email for more info and pricing.