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Our Commitment to Excellence
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Our Commitment to Excellence

When I first started formulating skincare in my kitchen (back in the days when I was a vegan chef and yoga teacher) my goal was simply to help people look and feel better.

As my product development process evolved, I refined my mission to transform people's relationship with their skin using safe, effective, multitasking products so that I can help you be the best version of yourself!      

I want you to know that every single product we create and every ingredient I curate in my formulations is aligned with my mission to offer you game-changing formulas that deliver everything your skin needs to be healthy and radiant. I only choose the best of the best to use in our products. Each and every formula my team and I have created has been painstakingly reviewed and tested by us and a 3rd party lab.

We are not corner cutters. We produce in small batches. We do not compromise. We do not use automated machinery or have long production lines. I have a small group of real people lovingly measuring, pouring, stirring and filling each and everything we make as well as our very own chemist who works diligently with me to create and maintain exemplary quality control.

There's no robot putting together the products either, just a few good people who care about raising the bar and creating beauty made better. And yes, there's also someone special packing your order and checking it twice!
We are a small team working to keep our promise to offer you the most delightful, extraordinary, efficacious products which also help to lighten the load on planet earth.

As you probably know, it is more difficult to source truly natural, organic ingredients from reliable, reputable, likeminded businesses who are as committed as we are in providing transparency, sustainability and consistency.

Sourcing our ingredients has become markedly more costly, especially with weather changes that often significantly disrupt product availability and supply. Some of our ingredients have skyrocketed in price due to shortages, like raw vanilla for example, which has always been expensive but has recently quadrupled.
Aside from costly ingredients, our intention is also to be able to offer you truly sustainable packaging options. One of our goals is to develop packaging made from 100% plant material. No surprise that this is an initiative that requires considerable investment in terms of research, development, and financing.

We are passionate about all of these important subjects and I want you to know that beyond the excellence I can wholeheartedly promise you, I also want to keep offering the very best value for money.

All of this means that from time to time, we have to modify the cost of goods in our formulation process, and adjust our pricing so that we can sustain ourselves as a business and live up to our commitment of offering you excellence in everything we make.
Thank you for understanding and supporting what we do.
I am so grateful to have you on this journey with me.
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