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Why We Love Multi-Purpose Products

Why We Love Multi-Purpose Products

For us, a deep love for the earth is is our starting point. Having spent early days in my life being exposed to farm to table artisanal culture and cuisine, the power of plants helped inspire me to experiment with oils and essences. 

Our plant powered skincare literally helps to feed your skin from the outside in and is mindfully made to with the planet in mind. We are committed to sourcing exceptional ingredients from producers and suppliers committed to sustainable and fair production.  

From day one we had a commitment to create innovative products that serve more than just one function helps support both your skin and your pocketbook. 

The result is that you end up needing to buy less while simultaneously serving multiple areas of your face and that is a wonderful way to lessen your impact on the earth. 

Honestly, there’s no reason why you should have a plethora of products for every possible part of your face and your body. Furthermore, our belief at Graydon is that you don’t actually need something separate for daytime versus nighttime! 

When a single product is incredibly effective, fewer products are needed, fewer products are produced, and less natural resources are utilized. 

Our plant-based skin care formulated with clinically proven superfood actives serves up the results of an elaborate multi step routine. In the long run, there is nothing more sustainable than less.

Here are a few of our fav multi-tasking multi-functional heroes: 
Skin Stuff
face + eye cream

Berry Rich
face + eye cream

Face Glow
primer + moisturizer + highlighter

Face Food
toner + hydrator

moisturizer + mask
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