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Why Skin Longevity Matters

Why Skin Longevity Matters

Skin longevity is investing in your skin for the long term. No quick fixes or fast fads – just healthy skin. Read on for our how to incorporate skin longevity practices into your skincare routine.

Every time you look for a new skincare product, you’ll see tons and tons of products formulated for mature skin marketed as “anti-aging.” But what is so bad about aging? Just because our skin’s needs change as we get older doesn’t mean the solution is to try and turn back time, shopping for products that promise to be your fountain of youth. Instead, focusing on your skin’s health is what will really improve not just your skin, but the relationship you have to it. Treating skincare as an act of self care and health feels so much better than treating it as a fix or a solution to your perceived “flaws.”

Our motto: “Good skin days, every day–as you age and at every stage.”

At Graydon Skincare, we’ve decided to ditch the term "anti-aging." Instead, our brand is focused on skin longevity. Our concern is overall skin health and responding to the needs of your skin–not telling people their skin needs to look a certain way. 

So, what is skin longevity?

What is Skin Longevity?

Skin longevity is investing in your skin for the long term. It’s not about quick fixes or fast fads that strive to fit all skin into an idealized picture of what beauty should be. It’s investing in quality ingredients and habits that nourish your skin and support it as it ages. When focus is placed on promoting skin health and resilience, rather than unattainable goals like ‘flawless’ or ‘glass’ skin, we make space to see how truly remarkable our skin is at every stage of life.

Skin health and resilience are at the heart of what skin longevity means to us.

Building healthy habits when it comes to our skin is important, and we're not just talking about a skincare routine–how we navigate diet, stress, and other factors is important, too. Longevity is about caring for the skin in all ways, for overall health. It’s not reactionary or preventative–only anticipating or responding to “problems” with your skin–it’s always. Skin longevity is consistent, mindful, and loving self care that supports your skin throughout your entire life.

Skin longevity starts with the habits you commit to for your skin’s health, and investing in the quality ingredients that will support those healthy habits. 

Tips to Build Your Skin Longevity Habits

There are a couple of core focuses when it comes to skin longevity–all based on treating the skin well and caring for its evolving needs. Below, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you discover the best ways to care for the overall health of your skin. At the end of each section, we’ve put together a list of our product recommendations to help with each, plus the ingredients in each product that relate to the tip.

Support your skin barrier

Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin, and it acts as your first line of defense against moisture loss and environmental factors that can damage your skin. Hormonal shifts (including declining estrogen), changing of seasons, sun exposure, or using too many active ingredients can compromise the skin barrier.

The most common signs of a damaged skin barrier are dryness and a flaky/scaly texture to your skin. You might also notice more inflammation, redness, and acne. When you see signs that your barrier might be compromised, products that hydrate, moisturize, and protect are key.

Check out these products (and the ingredients in them) to support your skin barrier: 

Learn more about the skin barrier here.

Save products with intense active ingredients for occasional use & choose gentle daily products

When it comes to skincare products, active ingredients are any ingredients that target a specific skin concern. For example, if you bought a cleanser that promised to improve your skin texture, the active ingredient would be the ingredient in the formula that is actually contributing to texture improvement.

However, some popular active ingredients such as retinol, niacinamide, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid, when used in high quantities in skincare formulas, are sensitizing enough that they aren’t suitable for daily use. These aren’t products to totally avoid, but should be saved for occasional use.

When you’re looking for products to use on a daily basis, make sure to research how often you’re recommended to use them. To really protect your skin, take it one step further and choose products that are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

Check out these products (and the ingredients in them) that are formulated for daily use on sensitive skin:

    • Aloe Milk Cleanser: aloe vera juice, black tea, and maple sap water
    • Putty: colloidal oatmeal, manuka honey, and cocoa butter
    • P.S. all of our products are actually formulated for sensitive skin!

Prioritize keeping inflammation down

As you age, inflammation becomes a more prominent skin issue. Skin inflammation has a wide variety of causes. Everything from diet, drying skincare products, sun exposure, and more can increase inflammation in the skin. Hydrating and anti-inflammatory products should be part of your regular routine, and should be prioritized before retinols and exfoliators. Sun protection should also play a big part in your skincare–applying an SPF to your face whenever you go outside is an essential way to protect your skin’s health.

In terms of diet, pay attention to what your body is sensitive to. Refined carbs, red meat, and sugary foods can cause inflammation, while adaptogens can help your body respond to stress better. 

Check out these products (and the ingredients in them) to keep inflammation down:

Get the skin moving

There's more ways than just applying skincare products to promote skin longevity. In fact, some of our favourite techniques involve facial massage, including facial yoga and using a roller (here’s a guide on how to use one).

Getting the skin moving like this stimulates the circulation in your face, bringing blood flow to the skin. Why is this important? Well, it increases the oxygen and nutrients in your skin, which promotes cellular repair. If you find your skin is puffy, massaging it can help increase lymphatic drainage and stimulate collagen products.

Plus, if you pair massage with your skincare products, by working the product into your skin you’re making sure it absorbs well.

Protect your skin from free radicals and pollution

Pollution can weaken your skin barrier and cause transepidermal water loss in the skin–meaning your skin is thirstier than ever for moisturization. Shielding yourself starts with protecting your skin barrier, but there's more you can do to stop pollution and free radicals from damaging your skin.

Antioxidant-rich skincare–especially products with vitamin C and vitamin E–is your best friend when it comes to defense against free radicals (which break down our skin’s collagen and elastin). Bio-retinols and peptides can also be used to reinforce the skin’s structure, creating a strong defense.

Plus, having a cleanser that effectively rids the skin from all the pollution, dirt, and debris it accumulates throughout the day is essential–particularly one that does not strip the skin of its moisture.

Check out these products (and the ingredients in them) that protect the skin from free radicals and pollution:

    • Supermoon Serum: moringa and malachite (our anti-pollution complex), bakuchi and dew bean (bio-retinol), hibiscus esculentus (peptide)
    • Phyto Clear: bakuchi and dew bean, chlorella (free radical shield), broccoli seed oil (pollution protector) 
    • Face Foam: bamboo extract

Everything is Skincare

We want to remind you that taking care of your skin is not just about the products you apply. Many skin issues crop up because of stress, diet, lack of sleep, and more. Movement and attending to your overall health also makes a huge difference. Everything in harmony will promote skin longevity.

Wondering where to start when it comes to taking care of your skin? Check out our skin quiz to find out more about your unique skincare needs.

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