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The Skin Chef Was Born
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The Skin Chef Was Born

Cooking, to me, has always felt like coming home. I started making food with my grandmother when I was little. She always made me wash my hands and put on an apron and she'd hoist me up on the counter, assigning me a simple chore like cutting up slices of apple with a not too sharp knife. I loved creating with her and afterwards, I felt so proud of our creations. 

As I grew older and progressed to more complex dishes, the kitchen became a soulful place where I was needed and appreciated. It was a creative portal for me and connected me to what would eventually be my calling. 

When food is mindfully made, something more than a meal emerges that helps nourish your mind and spirit – not just your body.

Long before becoming known as “The Skin Chef”, I spent the first years of my life and into my 30s, passionate about cooking nutritious foods and feeding my friends and family, before moving onto skincare, taking my knowledge of nutritious foods and feeding their skin from the outside in.


My grandmother taught by example and I learned that while everyone has to eat to survive, when food is mindfully made with simple (not necessarily fancy) ingredients, something more than a meal emerges that helps nourish your mind and spirit – not just your body.

Making food and creating skincare is a gift I will never tire of giving. It is a true privilege to have the ability to give pleasure to others, be it in a superfood smoothie or a double cleansing skincare regimen or facial massage using my superfood infused moisturizers and serums.

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