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The Holistic Approach to Hair Growth

Get strong, healthy hair from the inside out! Keep reading to learn about my holistic approach to hair care.


We all want healthier and more beautiful hair. Personally, I’ve always believed that our hair is a direct representation of our vitality. Surely, having luscious, bouncy locks means that we’re doing a good job taking care of ourselves.

So how do we grow stronger, healthier hair? 🧐

Honestly, that’s not an easy question to answer.

Much like our skin, there are many factors that influence how our hair grows and appears. No two people are the same, and so our approaches to hair health should also be tailored according to our personal states. 

Although, if you ask me, I believe that we all need to approach hair growth holistically and tackle hair health from both inside and out. Specifically, the foods we consume and the products we use both play important roles in our hair growth.


For our hair to grow long and healthy, we need to consume a rich plant-based diet with lots of fibre, antioxidants and protein. Our diets must also include a plethora of other vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamins B7 (biotin), C, E, D and zinc. A diet that includes all of these nutrients will give our bodies the energy it needs to produce high-quality hair.

That’s a nice general statement but I’m sure you’re looking to learn more about the specific foods you should consume to get the results you want.

While there are too many to list here, three of my favs are:

An abundant source of omega-3 fatty acid, avocados nourish and stimulate your hair follicles to give your hair a healthy, luscious sheen while helping it grow faster.

Beans and lentils are loaded with vitamin B7 (biotin) that strengthens the keratin in our hair, making it stronger, thicker and less prone to breakage.

Chia seeds
These seeds are rich in protein, healthy fat and zinc that contribute directly to your hair health and help it grow faster. 


Our hair is prone to gaining build-up, which is a mixture of oil, dead skin cells, environmental pollutants and leftover hair products. If this build-up isn’t removed thoroughly, you may experience excessive hair loss that can result in hair thinning over time. Plus, build-up can make your hair look dull and lifeless. This is why we need to shampoo our hair regularly to remove any build-up and keep our scalp clean. A clean scalp provides hair with the perfect environment to grow healthily.

However, here’s the catch-22: Some shampoos may also contribute to hair build-up.

A lot of shampoos and conditioners are formulated with conditioning agents, thickening agents, gums, silicones, waxes and oils. These ingredients adhere to your hair and scalp and stay behind even after washing. And while they’re on your scalp, they can actually trap extra dirt, oil and other impurities, which can cause even more build-up. 

Our Matcha Mint Shampoo and Matcha Mint Hair Smoothie were created to combat build-up.

Matcha Mint Shampoo and Hair Smoothie on green backgorund

Formulated with gentle, yet powerful, plant-based ingredients such as matcha green tea, oat oil, jojoba oil and broccoli seed oil, this hair care duo is optimized for healthy hair growth. Our hair care products thoroughly remove impurities on your head, while supplying your hair and scalp with the nutrients they need to grow beautiful, luscious, shiny hair.

Final words

Like I said, everyone’s hair is different, and your journey to healthier hair is totally personal to you. However, a holistic approach that takes into consideration both the internal and the external factors can provide you with a great start.

I wish you good hair days, every day! ❤️


Our All Over Soap is more than just a hair, face and body cleanser! Click here to learn about other uses for this multipurpose soap.

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