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The 3-Step Ritual Moon Bath to Manifest Your Dreams

A new moon is quickly approaching. Read on to learn the significance of the new moon and how you can reap the benefits of its spiritual energy.

I’ve always been in tune with my own spirituality. And so, lunar energy and the cycle of the moon are things that I really pay close attention to. This is why I’m so excited for the upcoming new moon on Sunday, April 11th. The new moon is a time for you to start fresh and convey your goals and dreams for the lunar cycle.

This new moon is at the midpoint of Mars in trine to Jupiter.

This actually has a very specific spiritual significance.  Essentially, this is the time when you need to be courageous and take full advantage of opportunities coming your way. Doing so will ensure exponential personal growth.

In order to reap the full benefits of this new moon’s spiritual energy, I recommend taking a moon bath. 

As I’ve previously mentioned, water actually allows us to connect with the lunar energy. This helps us to connect with our inner being more deeply and open ourselves up to the greater things in life. Here’s my 3-step ritual—which I think you’ll find helpful.

A light yellow coloured energizing multipurpose body wash

Prepare your bath

As much as I love taking baths, I’m also all about being environmentally conscious.

So instead of filling the bathtub full of water, I take a bird bath and only fill the bathtub halfway. Doing this allows me to indulge myself, while still showing love and care for Mother Nature.

I also add several pumps of Intimacy Oil and All Over Soap to the bath water. The squalane in Intimacy Oil (among other great ingredients) ‘feeds’ your skin with healthy lipids and helps to prevent the water in your skin from evaporating. The mixture of 12 high-grade essential oils in All Over Soap serves as a form of aromatherapy, which helps me to de-stress and unwind. Good for the body and the soul!

A yellow smear of a moisturizing mask for dry, irritated skin.

Do a skincare routine

While soaking in the bath, I like to put on a face mask to pamper my skin.

I use either Berry Rich or Putty depending on how I'm feeling. They both do a wonderful job of nourishing the skin and making it feel soft, smooth and plump. I’ve talked about how to use Putty as a mask before. What I do is put a thick layer of the cream—around 5-7 pumps—onto my skin and leave it on as I enjoy the bath.

Throughout my bath time, I also spray my face with Face Food Mineral Mist to keep my skin hydrated and to enjoy the wonderful aroma of this toner mist.


Finally, I just close my eyes and meditate. 

This is when I visualize my goals and aspirations for the upcoming month. By doing this, I’m allowing the lunar energy of the new moon to connect with my spiritual self and elevate my consciousness. As a result, I’m inviting positivity and courage into my life.

Take a deep breath and let greatness enter your life. Allow the water to cleanse you—physically and spiritually.


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