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Talking Cold Laser with The Freeze Clinic
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Talking Cold Laser with The Freeze Clinic

Graydon: Hey guys, it’s Graydon here. I have Sachi from The Freeze Clinic. And we’re here to talk about a lot of things! But The Freeze Clinic is a really exceptional place, and they do cool laser work. It was such an interesting experience! You definitely felt it, and it was slightly uncomfortable but not in a bad way, and the rest was so relaxing. Not your typical facial! It’s non-invasive and has really profound effects. I was literally able to get up and go. I would love to hear you talk more about that

Sachi: So we specialize in cold-laser facials. We combine it with micro-dermabrasion to get off the dead skin cells. We use diamond microderm. There are two types, but diamond is much more gentle than crystal. We don’t use aluminium oxide like in the crystal. It uses gentle suction and vibration to get rid of the dead skin layer, so when we do the laser, it just hits healthy skin cells. We also use an oxygen facial that we combine with it, which is really great for the skin; it calms it after the microderm and detoxifies as well. And then the cold laser, what that does is it helps to boost collagen production. It’s been proving that the technology we use boosts collagen by 500%. So using that combination, you get a nice bright, glow complexion. Looking red the next day can happen, especially the first treatment. There are two components of the treatment that can be a bit stimulation to people, because it is exfoliation and stimulates the muscle under the skin. 

Graydon: I actually didn’t even notice until the day after! I take that as a sign that something is working and happening under the skin! It was so relaxing that it was almost like nothing happened, but at the same time, SO much happened!

Sachi: Yeah! Regular facials I love. But unless, in my opinion, you’re using some sort of technology to get deeper under the skin, it’s stuff you can do at home. With technology, it takes it to the next level.

G: I have to admit, I was glad I didn’t walk out with an extraction face.

S: We do avoid extractions. In my opinion, I feel they are too aggressive for some skin types. But with the microderm we use, it really encourages the skin to purge on it’s own. 

G: Yeah! I’ve been feeling perky! What got you into this?

S: So I have always loved skincare. I started off my career for the first 15 years working in software, and managing a software team. After my first son, I decided that it was time to follow my passion instead of sitting at a desk day-to-day. I had a lot of experience getting skincare treatments, but no experience working in skincare. When I lived in LA, I was getting treatments similar to what we are doing, which I loved the most. When I moved back here, I couldn’t find anything like it. My current business partner was working in the industry, so I thought ‘let’s just try’ and start going through the training and certifications. It gained interest, people were looking for it, and it built itself. We were lucky, it happened pretty organically. 

G: We share that similar story! We both lived in LA for a number of years. But when I came back I was looking for yoga and juice bars! I think there’s been such a revolution in the last 5-10 years. Do you find that cool laser is suitable for a broad range of skin types?

S: Yeah, the nice thing about it is that you can customize it depending on what the skin issue is. We can do a treatment for acne, rosacea, eczema. A majority of our clients come in for anti-aging and brightening, but we can certainly customize for all skin types and pigments. Ours also does not pick up pigment in the same way hot laser treatments do, so we can treat every skin colour. 

G: What is the difference between hot laser and cold laser?

S: Traditional laser is hot laser. It uses thermal energy you break down the skin in order to rejuvenate. We don’t use any heat in our laser, it’s low level LED-light therapy. So, it’s cold not because it’s actually cold, but because it uses no heat. It’s just light essentially! 

G: My son also had a treatment, and he is an acne recoverer. Boys especially can be challenging! I couldn’t even tell him where we were going.

S: You had to trick him!

G: Exactly! He has such an adverse reaction from past extraction experiences. After the treatment, he was so happy. 

S: Guys can be difficult. We get a lot of male clients, and what I love is that it’s often husbands that see the results of their wife’s skin. Having that foundation of having good skin makes such a difference in their appearance, especially if they choose not to wear anything, like makeup, over top.

G: Even just getting men into that basic regime of even washing your face and moisturizing… it’s more common now but there needs to be a shift.

S: When I met my husband, he was just washing his face with shampoo! We have a lot of teenager that come in too, that struggle with acne. It becomes an education for us as well. Some of them just just Oxy pads and that’s their one thing! So we try to do the education as well, because it’s so important. It works hand in hand, you need to use great products… we actually use Graydon’s products in our treatments, because we have fallen in love with them ourselves! We like to educate people about he at home as well as the treatments. I don’t say that as a sales-pitch to our clients, we obviously want them to come back, but we also don’t want them to come back too regularly! If you take care of your skin at home, you don’t need to come in regularly, you will come in for maintenance.

G: That’s what I like about your program!

S: We can come in seasonally if you can, or whenever you need it! Sort of like a haircut!

G: People only go see their dermatologist when they have a problem, not for maintenance. It’s not really preventative or proactive. That’s where my interest lies, I want to be the best version of myself. What can I do within me to help me look and feel my best? Which leads to a better quality of life. So that’s why I’m really taken with the technology you use!

S: Another benefit is that it’s light therapy. Like in the winter when you get SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder), this is like a really intense version of those lights that you can buy - getting like 900 of more intense, deeper lights. Not only does your skin look better after, but you leave feeling more rejuvenated. More bounce in your step!

G: The colours were very intense! There was red, green, blue…

S: And the colours do different things. We have several lights to choose from. Red we almost always start with, it’s a cell-activator and gets the skin ready. It also helps with collagen reproduction. The green helps to calm redness. Blue is for acne. We have different combinations we can use for pigmentation, rosacea, etc.

G: How do you know the lights are safe for your eyes? You do put cotton pads with goggles on top.

S: That’s simply to cut the brightness. Since we don’t use any heat or any UVA or UVB, there’s no harm to the eyes whatsoever! We also ensure clients are comfortable by not putting the light so close. 

G: It’s really a lot more than a cool laser treatment.

S: Yeah, we almost say we have the clinical part, as well as the relaxing facial part. We try to have everything!

G: I was nervous for the microdermabrasion at first!

S: Yeah, if you’ve never had it before it can be quite daunting, but it’s actually quite gentle!

G: Would you have any tips and tricks to pass on?

S: Skin tips and tricks?

G: I’ll leave that up to you!

S: I like to keep things simple. Water and sleep, that’s everything. We throw out “8 hours” but some need 6, some need 10, it’s about knowing your body and knowing what you need. Same thing with water intake. You function better if you’re well-hydrated. Those are my key basic things, that I always make sure my kids and I have enough sleep and water. From there, we can carry on. In terms of skincare I like to keep it simple as well. That's why we love your products too! It has just what you need, its a nice clean product without the excess. 

G: I’m so glad we did this! It’s difference experiencing it, and then learning the technology behind it. I feel really inspired! Thank you for helping me get a great start on 2019! Let’s of exciting things happening at Graydon Skincare, but it’s a secret. And here’s to having more water!

S: Cheers!
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