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Support a Small Business: 3 Canadian Retailers You Need to Check Out
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Support a Small Business: 3 Canadian Retailers You Need to Check Out

We love supporting small businesses, so we're highlighting 3 of our local retailers in Ontario. Read on to find out what makes these small businesses special.


  1. Health Hut (Toronto)
  2. Shea Organics (Collingwood)
  3. Ritual Skin Co. (Thunder Bay)

This pandemic has been hard on most of us. So many aspects of our lives have changed, including the simplest things, such as shopping. 

Many small businesses have been required to temporarily shut down and some have permanently closed. There’s also the fact that people are being safe and staying home, which means that small businesses aren't seeing the same level of traffic they used to. 

Since Graydon Skincare is a small business, we understand and empathize with other small businesses. And so, I'd like to spotlight 3 wonderful partner stores that we have the pleasure of working with. 

Health Hut (Toronto)

Health Hut Toronto interior of store

They are a one-stop-shop for all things green beauty, lifestyle and self-care. Their products are carefully curated with the customers’ well-being in mind, and include a diverse range of natural daily care, natural lifestyle, green beauty and self-care products.

What makes them special is their origin story. The founder, Tara Miller, fell in love at first sight with an abandoned, yet full of potential, ice cream hut on the side of the road in Muskoka, Ontario. 

Through determination and the support of her local community, she managed to transform this tiny hut into a positive, welcoming space for people who seek the benefits of natural products for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Now she also has a full-time shop in Toronto.

Fun fact: Tara was one of our very first retailers when we launched. To this day, we’re extremely grateful to her for believing in us. ❤️

We chose to work with them because their ethos is very much aligned with our mission. We both seek to enhance our customers’ lives with green beauty and self-care products. Also, we simply fell in love with their origin story and recognized Tara’s entrepreneurial spirit, which reminds me of my own entrepreneurial journey. It was obvious that Health Hut would represent the Graydon Skincare brand very well!

Their favourite Graydon Skincare product is Face Food Mineral Mist—the hydrating facial mist!

Tara loves this 2-in-1 pick-me-up for its wonderful ability to add a powerful boost of hydration to her skin whenever it needs some extra care. She also recognizes that it’s the perfect post-cleansing product since it effectively preps the skin to better absorb serums and moisturizers.

“I love the light scent and fresh feeling I get after using it.” Tara says. 

Fun fact: Face Food derives its calming aroma from a beautiful blend of white tea, peppermint and vanilla extracts.

Their customers’ favourite Graydon Skincare product is Putty—the soothing moisturizer for dry skin! Tara believes this is due to its versatility and how well it can calm down redness and inflamed skin.

It’s true! Putty does a wonderful job at soothing irritated skin (including rosacea and eczema). This is because it’s packed with nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory superfood ingredients, such as colloidal oatmeal, manuka honey, turmeric and carrot seed oil.

“It’s also rich and hydrating enough to use as a night cream, and it makes a really nice after-shave for reducing bumps and redness.” Tara notes “I find it particularly popular among our male customers looking for a multi-use product!”

Wanna know a secret about Putty? You can also turn it into a nourishing face mask

Something they want to share with Graydon Skincare’s supporters: Health Hut is expanding to the East end of Toronto! 

They’re currently getting their new storefront in Leslieville ready and have plans to open in late spring or early summer 2021 (lockdown permitting). This will help provide everybody with better access to the Health Hut’s collection of wonderfully green products. And remember the abandoned ice cream hut that started it all? It's their 10 year anniversary this month! 

Follow them on social media and stay tuned for virtual ways to celebrate with them!

Shop online:

Shea Organics (Collingwood)

Shea Organics Collingwood exterior sign

They are a shop that curates sustainable and organic products with love. Their mission is to help their customers and the environment become beautiful in a sustainable way.   

What makes them special is their “shop by need” function, which highlights the importance of making products accessible to the customers’ specific personal needs.

Currently, they’ve identified nine needs: motherhood, sleep, relax, recover & restore, acne, dry skin, combo skin, mature skin and zero waste. These represent the most common skincare and lifestyle concerns that they get asked for help with when people visit their store. This needs based approach shows that they truly care and pay attention to their customers’ well-being.

Ever tried scouting out hundreds of different products just to figure out if something will suit your needs? Well, that won’t be a problem when you shop at Shea Organics!

We chose to work with them because they are conveniently located in Collingwood—a fav destination of many of our ski loving friends. We believed that this would be the perfect place to stock up on green beauty for those who are lucky enough to visit the area or live there full time. And our hunches were spot on! Shea Organics is an incredibly popular destination for those who pass by Collingwood! 

Their favourite Graydon Skin product is Face Glow—the tinted moisturizing skin primer!

Here’s what Shay, the owner of Shea Organics, says about it: “I just love how it makes me look like I have a luminous glow from within. I love that it protects and the smell is heavenly. I mix mine with Phyto Clear for a dewy, hydrated look everyday.”

Well, Shay is not alone in this! The reason so many people love this award winning superstar is because it’s such a multitasker. It delivers brightening and highlighting effects for an overall dewy and radiant complexion for the perfect "no makeup makeup look."

Their customers’ favourite Graydon products are Berry Rich—the probiotic rich face and eye cream, and the Serum Luxe duo, Fullmoon Serum and Superfood Serum!

According to Shay, Berry Rich is a bestseller all year long thanks to its ability to fit seamlessly into so many people’s routines, leaving their skin buttery soft, hydrated and smooth. The Serum Luxe duo is also a hit because it allows people to mix and match them according to how their skin feels on any particular day.  

“I couldn’t say which is more popular, they’re both so amazing!” says Shay.

Something they want to share with Graydon Skincare’s supporters: They truly embody the spirit of female strength and empowerment! When they decided to open Shea Organics, their first and foremost goal was to carry lines that are Canadian, female-owned and filled with love and passion. 

In fact, Shay has emphasized that “Graydon fits the ticket perfectly! And our customers (and us) have had a love affair with Graydon ever since. This line, and these products that line our shelves, bring us so much joy. Try it, you’re gonna love it!”

Thanks so much, Shay! We do have a passionate love affair going on. ❤️

Shop online:

Ritual Skin Co. (Thunder Bay)

Ritual Skin Co. Thunder Bay interior of store

They are a boutique that focuses on skincare and self-care. They aim to deliver their customers skincare with results and consistency. Although their range of products has grown throughout the years, they still haven’t strayed from their roots as a skincare science hub, providing amazing science-backed Canadian brands. 

What makes them special is their commitment to providing their customers with customized skincare that works for their specific needs. As such, they offer 15-minute virtual consultations to help their customers become confident in the products they choose.

They also have a focus on environmentalism. Specifically, their business model keeps shipping and duty costs to a minimum by bringing ethical and sustainable products closer to their customers.

We chose to work with them because Elsie Tranmer, Owner of Ritual Skin Co., had an unconventional journey to skincare. Elsie graduated with two Bachelor’s Degrees in Theatre and Computer Science, and has successfully made the switch to the skincare industry.

This story resonates with me very much because of my own entrepreneurial journey. I didn’t start out in the skincare industry. Rather, my background is in arts, yoga and vegan cuisine.

Their favourite Graydon Skin product is Face Food Mineral Mist—the hydrating facial mist! 

It’s the first product Elsie uses after she cleanses in the morning and at night. In particular, she adores the fresh, relaxing blend of the peppermint and vanilla aroma, which just “sends her to the moon.” But as someone who suffers from skin redness, Elsie is also a fan of the magnesium, copper and silver complex in this formula.

However, Elsie notes that her runner-ups are Phyto Clear, Face Foam and Intimacy Oil.

Their customers’ favourite Graydon products are Face Foam and Phyto Clear, which have all seen a surge in popularity for those who are suffering from ‘maskne.’

Elsie also mentions that Skin Stuff has been a favourite for customers who are also parents. With both eye care and skin barrier protection all in one, this product is their favorite way to save as much time as possible, without compromising on the health of their skin.

All Over Face + Body Lotion is another hit amongst Ritual Skin Co.’s customers who are trying to introduce their partners to skincare. It also makes for an easy gift!

Something they want to share with Graydon Skincare’s supporters: Well, we’d like to let the woman in question speak for herself:

“We’re big fans of Graydon! Some of their products quickly became best-sellers in the short amount of time we’ve had Graydon on our shelves. We’ve only been carrying their products for under 6 months and have already noticed a large following developing in Northern Ontario.” says Elsie

Shop online:

It’s understandable that we're all mega-stressed in the current climate, so it's important to treat ourselves to some quality self-care. The next time you shop, choose to shop locally and consider supporting these 3 incredible small businesses. 🥰


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Image Credits Credit for main image: SACheckley
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