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Skincare Based On Your Skin’s Mood

Skincare Based On Your Skin’s Mood

Your skin is constantly changing whether you notice it or not. The simple “skin type” (combo, normal, oily), turns out is not so simple. This approach doesn’t really take into account all the fluctuations our skin goes through. While knowing your skin type is still very important and valuable, it’s not the only thing you should be taking into consideration. Our skin can tell us lots of things without actually telling us, we just need to pay closer attention. We’re here to help you understand what your skin wants, and how your mood plays a part. 

You may notice that some products seem to work well one day and then the next day it doesn’t. We may think it’s the product itself, but 9 times out of 10 it’s actually our skin in a different mood.  Skin varies each day, week, month or year, and there are many factors that play a part in our skin fluctuations; things we can control like stress and other emotions, and things we can’t like weather and genetics. Let’s get into it. 



Emotions play such an important role in our skin's mood. From stress to happiness, these all interfere with your skin's mood. Let’s look into it a little bit. 

Stress is probably the most common emotion that everyone experiences at least once in their life (if you don’t, you’re very lucky), but it negatively affects your skin. A study has shown that increased stress levels increase the severity of acne. So, if you notice that your skin is being temperamental check your stress levels. 

When your skin is feeling happy you’ll notice that it’s clear, balanced and plump. You will notice that you’re a little more glowy, because when you’re happy you release all the feel good hormones like endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin. Because all of these hormones help your body function properly, it will definitely show on your skin.

Feeling tired but can’t seem to get your rest? Your skin will let you know! Sleep helps our body regenerate, so when you’re not getting enough of it it tends to show. Dark circles, pale skin, wrinkles and fine lines will become more prominent. So, you can say you’re not tired all you want, but if you watch closely, your skin will definitely call your bluff.


Hot to cold, cold to hot, weather, especially in Canada changes quickly and drastically. With these weather changes our skin gets extremely moody. Our skin likes consistency, that’s why you start to notice a change when you’re consistent with your skincare routine, but we all know that weather is not consistent. Heading into the fall season our skin is going to get a bit of a shock. You may notice that your skin may be tighter or drier, that’s because we are losing hydration. This all goes to say, if you’re not necessarily a “dry” person, it may be time to invest in some hydrating products, like our Supermoon Serum or Face Food Mineral Mist, to ensure your skin is taken care of when it starts acting up.

"Our skin tells us a lot about our emotional and physical health. It can break out when stressed. It can tell us when we are dehydrated."


Gentle Alternatives

Over exfoliating and over cleansing are a real thing! Especially when you’re doing those with harsh products. That’s why when your skin is in a mood it’s best to have gentle skincare products to help. Our Face Foam Cleanser and our Aloe Milk Cleanser are formulated for sensitive skin which makes them such gentle products. So, if you’re looking to get rid of some of those harsh products these two are great alternatives. Face Foam is PH balanced with apple cider vinegar and Aloe Milk has aloe vera juice which all help protect your skin.

Track your skin

There are going to be days or even months that your skin does a complete 180! If you notice your skin acting out during certain times like your menstrual cycle or season change, it’s times like those that you should track all those patterns. That way when your skin’s trying to tell you something, you’ll know exactly what to do. 

Back to Basics 

Sometimes being basic isn’t a bad thing! When your skin’s mood is on the fritz the best thing you can do is go back to the basics! What does that mean exactly? It means that you can do a quick, easy, basic skincare routine. Like we previously said, gentler products are the way to go. Start by gently cleansing your face, around 30-60 seconds so it can fully absorb. After you cleanse you always want to go in with a moisturizer to help lock everything in. We recommend Skin Stuff, it’s lightweight and offers soothing hydration. 

If you want to amp up your basic routine just a tad, adding a serum like our Supermoon Serum for added protection is the perfect way to go. It’s ultra-lightweight and water-based which is great for your skin.

Now is the time to really listen to what your skin wants. Whether it’s getting that extra hour of sleep, or stripping your 10 step skin routine down to 2 steps, whatever mood your skin is in we need to start listening. At the end of the day, it’s your skin and no one knows it better than you!

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