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Skin Benefits of Maple Sap Water

Skin Benefits of Maple Sap Water

It doesn't get any more Canadian than maple. In true Canadian fashion, we use maple sap water in our Skin Stuff, which makes it totally Mountie approved*!

*Not tested, we just know they would love it ;)

This ingredient is extracted from Maple trees during the summertime and can be used as a drink or applied topically to the skin. 

This clear and nourishing liquid is full of nutrients and minerals, and packed with powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Its ability to replenish skin cells leads to an improvement in the look and feel of skin. It can also help treat inflammation and unwanted blemishes. 

Because male sap water is so highly absorbent (its molecules are even smaller than water molecules!) it can quickly hydrate skin without leaving a greasy feel on the skin. The nutrients in maple sap water like calcium, iron and magnesium can penetrate deeply into the skin. 

This is a key ingredient in our Skin Stuff since we wanted to create a lightweight moisturizer that didn't feel oily or heavy on the skin. 

They say Canadians are the nicest, so we wanted a moisturizer that is just as nice to your skin!

Want to learn more about the ingredients in our Skin Stuff? Learn more about ceramides and rosehip oil here. 

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