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Phyto Retinol Skin Smoothie

Phyto Retinol Skin Smoothie

Our Phyto Retinol Skin Smoothie is the ultimate combo for more radiant, revitalized, smooth, toned skin! 


Directions: On freshly cleansed skin, pump 1 pump of Phyto Clear, 1-2 drops of Fullmoon Serum and 1 spritz of Face Food in the palm of your hand. Blend with your fingers and apply onto your face, neck and under eye area. Take pleasure knowing you have actively nourished your skin with clinically-proven, superfood ingredients!

1 pump of Phyto Clear 
A clarifying retinol alternative for oily/combo skin
1-2 drops of Fullmoon Serum 
A lightweight, hydrating, retinol alternative serum 


1-2 spritz of Face Food Mineral Mist
A mineral-rich toner and hydrating face mist.


Cheers to good skin days, every day! 


Curious about what makes botanical retinol different to conventional retinol? Head here to learn about what makes our botanical retinol so special. 



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