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Nourishing Hair Mask with Avocado and Banana
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Nourishing Hair Mask with Avocado and Banana

If your hair is feeling a little worse for wear because of the cold, this nourishing hair mask is a great way to keep your damaged locks happy. Today I'm taking three simple ingredients you can find in the kitchen to create the ultimate hair mask for dry or damaged hair.

First up is avocado. Avocados are great for conditioning your hair and helping with split ends or a dry scalp. It contains protein, vitamins and amino acids which are essential for hair growth. It's also high in healthy fats. It has more monounsaturated fat than extra virgin olive oil so you're providing your locks with moisture and nourishment. 

The less well known DIY ingredient for hair is banana. Bananas are also great for your hair health because they contain lots of natural oils and vitamins that can help prevent and control dandruff and help with hair breakage. 

Coconut milk will also keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. It also doesn't hurt that it'll leave your hair smelling like coconut too! 

What You'll Need 

  • One ripe avocado or frozen chunks 
  • One banana 
  • A can of coconut milk 


1. Combine your avocado and banana together in a blender along with the coconut milk 

2. Blend until mixture is smooth 

3. Apply onto cleansed hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes 

4. Rinse out using a gentle shampoo like our Matcha Mint Shampoo

Enjoy your silky, shiny hair! 

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