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Dr. Sosa Functional Medicine and skincare

Meet Functional Medicine Specialist, Dr. Sosa

Dr. Sosa is a Functional Medicine Specialist based in Toronto, Canada. Read on to discover how he improved his own autoimmune disorder and how he helps others.

Hi! I’m Dr. Lief Sosa.

I met Graydon at the beginning of my Functional Medicine training. She introduced me to skincare products that were glamorous and mindful, and I was totally blown away because it is a very unusual signature in the skincare industry.

Graydon and I work together because I believe in her products and manufacturing practices and she believes in Functional Medicine and Genomics to better predict your skincare needs.

As background, my life journey started in Havana, Cuba, where I was born and studied medicine. After my arrival in Canada 21 years ago, I followed the process for foreign doctors to practice medicine here.

Allow me to share that I have had a skin autoimmune disease since I was in my teenage years. I had skin rashes that were embarrassing and were psychologically torturing me. I felt stained and dirty, that was always making me feel down.

I followed the usual topical treatments offered by conventional medicine and I felt puzzled and somewhat useless because, despite being a doctor, I could not even help myself. I was frustrated and confused for a very long time.

Most of my medical practice was in Emergency Medicine, which involved working night shifts, frequent traveling, eating restaurant food and chronic stress, which made it so that my health deteriorated. I gained weight and the skin lesions got worse. I also developed brain fog, food allergies and intolerance to chemicals like perfumes and cleaning products. I was worried about arthritis, about fast aging and even dementia if I continued living that way. Something else needed to happen and I had to take my health in my own hands.

In 2015, I went on the internet looking for answers. That is how I found Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a systematic and science-based approach to health that addresses the root cause of your health concerns, instead of dealing just with symptoms.

Over the 2–3 years following my health discovery, I implemented a gut-healing protocol and I was able to reverse my autoimmunity and chronic inflammation. Imagine, I felt empowered and enlightened, but it was not an easy nor a linear process. I had to change my diet; I learned about my genes; I took vitamins, minerals and herbs; and I was introduced to Yoga and spirituality. Those were the major tools on my healing path. As a result of all the work I did, I reversed my biological age, which is a side benefit I am eternally grateful for.

My encounter with Graydon products happened after I learned (through my Functional Medicine training) that regular skincare products can be problematic if you have allergies, are struggling to lose weight, have hormonal imbalances and many other issues. As a result, I was looking for products that did not have that kind of concern.

I like to say that we use skincare products to nourish and support our skin from the outside, but those efforts are a lot more rewarding if we support our skin with good gut health, because your gastrointestinal tract affects your whole body.

Now, I dedicate my life to teaching people how their bodies work, according to their DNA information, including their skin risks. In their fitness and hormones report we talk about the risk for cystic acne, cellulite, hair thinning, balding and many other things you can predict about your skin and be proactive about.

I am grateful to have Graydon Skincare to complete the internal work with glamour and mindfulness because aging well is a top priority in our lives. #That’swhyIwearGraydon.

Written by Dr. Lief Sosa

Find Dr. Sosa at to learn more.

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