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Ingredient Highlight: Oat Oil

Ingredient Highlight: Oat Oil

Oats are not only delicious to eat but their oil is great for hair and skin. Derived from the kernels of Avena Sativa, it’s naturally anti-inflammatory and deeply moisturizing with many properties providing antioxidants and omega fatty acids. It’s no wonder oat oil is gaining popularity in the beauty industry. We’re here to help you understand why we love this ingredient so much!

Skin Benefits 

Oat oil is commonly found in facial serums, cleansers, and moisturizers, often targeted to dry, sensitized, or inflamed skin because of its healing and soothing properties. Take a look at some of the benefits that oat oil can provide. 


It’s the perfect natural ingredient to add into any moisturizer because of how absorbent it is on your skin without leaving any residue. Oat oil itself acts as a moisturizer by attracting water to the skin and creating a barrier to prevent moisture loss. 

Not only does oat oil do that but it’s also been shown to increase ceramide levels in the skin. Ceramides are naturally occurring fatty acids found in the top layers of our skin. They help make up the skin’s barrier function, which is essential for protection against environmental stressors and moisture loss. As we age, our natural barrier weakens, which in turn can result in dryer, more irritated skin. Oat oil is an incredible ingredient to include in any skincare routine but especially for dry or sensitive skin. 

Antimicrobial and Antifungal 

This ingredient is also very effective at killing a variety of bad bacteria. Its properties allow it to fight unwanted micro-organisms. Cosmetically, it will help you maintain beautiful, fresh skin, but medically, with its use in ointments it can help heal cuts and grazes. 

It is also antifungal which can provide a massive relief to itchy skin caused by any fungal infection. It helps soothe and cleanse the skin while providing that much needed calmness your skin needs. 

Vitamin E

Oat oil has tocopherol, also known as Vitamin E. What does that mean? Well, Vitamin E is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Its properties can slow down visible signs of aging and boost circulation. It can also prevent moisture loss from both hair and skin, offer soothing relief to burned skin and deeply cleanses pores all while balancing oil production. Now, if that’s not a super vitamin I don’t know what is!

Hair Benefits

As we mentioned, oat oil is not only a fabulous ingredient for skincare products, but it’s also amazing for hair products as well. Here are just a couple of benefits. 

Scalp & Hair Hydration

Oats contain both linoleic and oleic acid (also referred to as Omega-9 fatty acid). Oleic acid is naturally found in sebum, the natural oil found on our skin and scalp. This is vital to hair health because oleic acid controls water loss, making hair softer and less brittle. In comparison, linoleic acid stimulates hair growth, promotes a balanced scalp, and minimizes water loss.

Scalp Irritation & Itchiness

Scalp conditions such as dandruff and eczema irritate the scalp in the form of inflammation. As previously mentioned, oat oil is anti-inflammatory, so adding this into your scalp routine can help soothe irritation and even give relief from dryness and flakiness caused by dandruff. 

That being said, it can also control your itchiness. For centuries, oats have been used as a remedy for itchy skin, and that applies to your scalp. It can be found in over the counter topical creams, but by applying oat oil you can relieve yourself from the itch that’s usually caused by irritation or inflammation.

Who Should Use It?

For skin use

In general, oat oil can be used on all skin types, but it is most beneficial for dry skin. People who have eczema or rosacea may also benefit from using oat oil as it can help with irritation and inflammation. 

For hair use

Oat oil is most beneficial for curly, dry, frizzy or damaged hair. Those who suffer from scalp issues will also benefit from all its amazing nourishment and properties. Oat oil is safe for ALL hair types, including colour treated hair. In fact, those with colour treated hair may find this as a great option seeing as it helps improve elasticity.

Just like with any other oil, build-up can be a concern if your scalp is not properly cleaned. If you have an oily scalp or hair, you may want to opt out of using this because you may find it too heavy.

Where To Find It

We love this ingredient so much that we have incorporated it into some of our products. You can find oat oil in our Jade Moon Serum, Matcha Mint Hair Smoothie, and Putty.

Now, we can go on and on about how amazing it is, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. It’s time for you to put it to the test!

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