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Gromwell plant

Ingredient Highlight: Gromwell Root

You might already love Graydon's Aloe Milk Cleanser for its gentle and nourishing formula, but what if we told you we’ve made it even better? We're doubling its size to 100 mL and added two new hydrating and inflammation reducing ingredients: maple sap water and gromwell root

In this article, let's talk about gromwell root. Not only does it provide great benefits, but it gives Aloe Milk Cleanser an unbearably cute pink hue that'll make you smile every time you cleanse! 🥹 💕

Let’s quickly dive into all the benefits it provides our skin.

What is it?

Gromwell root, also known as purple gromwell or Lithospermum erythrorhizon, is a plant that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and dubbed a natural healer. It has a sweet taste and a stunning red-purple color that comes from a natural compound called shikonin.Gromwell root is not just a pretty plant, it has amazing benefits for your skin! Read on to see just some of the ways gromwell root can transform your skin. 


Gromwell root helps calm and heal your skin. It’s a natural medicine and can fight off germs and reduce inflammation that can trigger conditions like eczema, rashes, or acne. It can also help your skin stay hydrated and healthy by balancing the natural oils on your skin's surface.

Because it contains a natural compound called allantoin, it has been shown to have brightening effects on the skin and evens out your skin tone. Thus, making it appear more radiant by accelerating the shedding of dead skin cells and improving the blood circulation.

Studies have shown that gromwell root helps prevent glycation of the skin, which is when sugar molecules attach to collagen and elastin, making them brittle and rigid. Once glycation occurs, the damage is irreversible and so prevention is key!

Gromwelll root also has wound healing properties, helping your skin heal faster from wounds, cuts, burns, or scars by promoting the growth of new skin cells. Since this root has been around for centuries it has been historically used to treat eruptive skin lesions like psoriasis, measles, smallpox, eczema, dermatitis, and hives.

Who can use it?

Gromwell root is good for all skin types including sensitive skin and people of colour! It can also be used internally or externally to cash in all the great skin benefits. However, it’s important to do a patch test to check for any allergies ahead of time. If taken internally, it’s generally safe and well tolerated, but it may interfere with some medications or cause side effects, so it’s always vital to do your research beforehand.

Whether you take it as a syrup or extract or apply it as a cream, lotion, oil, or mask, Gromwell root is a plant you should definitely try for its amazing skin benefits!  Our new Aloe Milk Cleanser is now available in 100mL size, so you can enjoy more of this wonderful product at a great price.

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