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Embracing the Year of the Tiger

Embracing the Year of the Tiger

According to the Chinese Calendar, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.

For more than 16 thousand years, the Chinese calendar, a soli-lunar calendar, has marked the new year on the 2nd moon after the winter solstice. In 2022, this day falls on Tuesday, February 1st, on the New Moon of Aquarius. Within the Chinese zodiacal system, the energetic tone for each new year is ruled by a combination of one of 12 archetypes paired with one of 5 elements. The year 2022 will be ruled in essence by the YANG WATER TIGER. 

Year of the Tiger

Tiger is an archetype embodying courage, strength, confidence and charisma. Highly energetic, Tiger is the full frontal expression of self! Naturally independent, Tigers embody power, prestige, creativity, growth, optimism and movement. Tiger is also said to rule wealth and abundance, according to the Chinese. When too hungry, Tiger can be tempestuous and fierce, dangerous even. This year may be one that expands financial fortune, supports powerful creativity and self-assertion, brings opportunities for adventure, while also threatening higher-than-normal conflict and confrontation. 

YANG Water is spiritual water. As an energetic tone, the Yang Water element will support inspiration, fast communication, emotion and intuition. As Tiger explodes into life, bringing excitement, bold energy and drama, the water element merges with the fire and suggests a steamy intensity. This may bode well for passion, depth, bravery and intimacy. Yet also warns of extreme emotional states, overreaction and chaos. So while this year may be a good time to use our emotional intensity to fuel creative, passionate pursuits, we may also want to watch for a tendency to become hot headed or reactionary.

The powerfully independent and daring nature of Tiger might also be made gentler by water, focusing its passion into softness and intimacy. This suggests a feeling of generosity, empathy and heart-centredness, along with a burning desire to help others. Right use of power, inspiration and empathy? Sounds like an impulse toward guiding each other forward, rather than dominating or oppressing. We could use a little of that in our world this year.  

Harnessing the Tiger energy

So how can you harness the daring, creative and powerful energy of Tiger to further your projects and experience new horizons? How can you harness the steamy passionate waters to fuel love and commitment to uplifting your loved ones? This is a year to be courageous, to stand on your own, in your own power and individuality, and to face your emotions head on, harnessing their power to fuel your life! 

And what about self care, in a year that is marked by fire and water? Here are three suggestions:

1. Harness WATER: Tiger is tempestuous and active, sometimes overly so. Creating self-care rituals that emphasize the water element may help to mellow frayed edges and evoke calm. 

WATER, in the Chinese Feng Shui community, is said to reside in the bathroom. Many Chinese astrologers are recommending that we focus this year on improving and beautifying this intimate space where we shower, bath, adorn, touch and experience the water element. You might take a look at the bathroom itself and ask: What can I do to make this room spa-like and relaxing, beautiful and soothing? 

If your bathroom allows for it, make baths a regular part of your routine to deepen your connection with water. Cold water showers are also an excellent way to boost our skin health and immune health. 

2. Create STRUCTURE: Tiger is so full of energy that sometimes it can feel wild and out of control. Make sure your self-care routine includes time spent on organizing and goal setting, this year. By building a container within which Tiger’s energy can flow, you may harness Tiger's passion, avoid burnout, and ensure maximum productivity.

3. Enjoy ADVENTURE: Life can’t be all work, and Tiger LOVES to play! So make sure part of your self-care this year involves permission to indulge in something fun, exciting and new. Feeding your spirit by going on a trip, starting a hobby, investing in a new relationship—whatever it is, dive in bravely and enjoy every minute!

Happy Lunar New Year!

*This article was written by our friend, Sara Elise.


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