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Full Moon Magic
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Full Moon Magic

 In case you haven't heard we are in the apex of launching a very special new product. A water-based serum (which looks like I bottled up some tropical blue ocean water) loaded with a bevy of actives that will correct and protect your skin. My idea for this came to me over 18 months ago as I was sitting outside on a cold winter evening staring up into the night sky. 

On this crisp quiet evening, I looked up at the full moon and felt like a message from another universe came to me. Now some of you will eschew me for saying this and think I'm way too woo-woo, BUT I gotta tell you that I feel like I got a message from another universe.

As I looked up into the stunningly beautiful moon, I felt the high vibrations of 'her' calling to me and the concept of our Fullmoon Serum was conceived.  

Fast track a year and a half, after months of research, over 40 prototypes later, with the help of 3 chemists and the counsel of a shamanic priestess, we are finally getting really close to 'birthing' our Fullmoon Serum. It probably won't be until Fall that we can officially launch but on this very special day, it seemed fitting to tell you of my very personal story of how our Fullmoon Serum came to be! 

What makes this day so special? In case you didn't know there is a rare lunar eclipse occurring today. This happens when the sun, earth, and moon align—with Earth sitting between the sun and moon. This temporarily blocks the sun’s bright rays from reaching the moon, which means we see the moon filtered through Earth’s dusty shadow. 

Moon phases are energetically potent, creative, and often magical feeling. They are known to affect us emotionally, mentally, and physically. It's no coincidence that many women's cycles may start today!

The cosmic vibes emanating from this full moon total eclipse are actually believed to be multiple times more compelling and powerful, so we can expect the energy in the universe to be supercharged and at its most intense today. Yes, this is the longest, most supercharged eclipse of the 21st Century (the longest time in a 
one hundred-year period).

Eclipses can help us manifest positive energy - and when we are determined and focused on that path, the universe often rises to the challenge and supports us by providing signs, synchronicities, and opportunities that can make real-life magic happen. 

What I think we need to do is fully believe in ourselves and our magnificent capacity to create the life we want and trust that you (and I) will manifest what we hope and dream of. 

For me, it's all about elevating my beloved line of products and making our products even better - more special, more beautiful, more potent and more energetically charged with divine feminine energy!

I hope you will join me in spirit this evening to find a comfortable place outdoors to sit beneath the moon where you can moon gaze, rest, meditate, and relax into deep contemplation.

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