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Essential Oils for Anxiety
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Essential Oils for Anxiety

If you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed out, incorporating essential oils into your self-care routine is a great way to balance your mood and improve your well being.

Aromatherapy is a long held practice known for improving your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. When we inhale essential oils, it immediately enters our bodies and lungs, allowing you to feel a difference quickly.

Essential oils have direct access to the limbic system and can help improve your sleep, memory and regulating emotions. Not only that but some are also powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can help with physical ailments. So whether you are dealing with chronic stress or joint pain, essential oils can help with a range of problems.

You can perform aromatherapy in many ways. The simplest method is rubbing the oils directly onto the skin (just make sure to dilute them in a carrier oil as well if you have skin sensitivities), through massage or an oil-infused bath

Here are some essential oils that are particularly good to use if you are struggling with stress and anxiety. 

Sweet Orange

If you’re feeling low, incorporating citrus oils can clear your mind and elevate your mood. There are essential oils that have sedative and stimulant effects and sweet orange is definitely the latter! Find it in our All Over Soap


With such a sweet, comforting scent, chamomile has long been known for its healing quality. It's a flowering herb that has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities if you are dealing with skin conditions or rashes. You can find this essential oil in our Putty moisturizer

Blue Tansy 

This essential oil is known for it's anti-histamine properties, providing comfort for those with allergies and skin sensitivities that can cause rashes and itches. You can find blue tansy in our Fullmoon Serum


A great way to stimulate your mind and memory, is adding a bit of rosemary oil into your self care routine. If you are feeling fatigue or nervous, rosemary can have a calming effect and help with your focus and memory by enhancing mental clarity. Applying it topically can also help stimulate cell renewal and improve the texture of dry or mature skin. Find this in our All Over Soap.


Peppermint is an energizing essential oil that ‘wakes you up’ and allows you to focus at the task on hand. This is also a great way to energize and stimulate your scalp. Try it in our Matcha Mint Shampoo, All Over Soap.


One of my favourite essential oils is lavender. It smells lovely and has such a powerful calming effect on the mind. Just a few inhales of lavender and it can help with a racing heart or sweaty palms. There’s a reason why you can find lavender in so many of our products! If you are struggling to get a restful night sleep, lavender can help.

You can also find this in our The Putty,  and All Over Soap + Shampoo.


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