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Enjoy the First Full Moon of the Year with this Bath Ritual

Enjoy the First Full Moon of the Year with this Bath Ritual

Mark your calendar: the first full moon of the year, the Wolf Moon, is on January 25th! Here's a full moon ritual you can do to manifest your dreams.

Mark your calendar: the first full moon of the year, the Wolf Moon, is on January 25th!

The Wolf Moon represents a time for reflection and inner contemplation. Symbolically, the luminous full moon lighting up a dark winter’s night represents a time for us to look inwards and shine a light on the parts of ourselves we might have neglected or “left in the dark.”

Time spent in contemplation often leads us to come out the other side with renewed energy, inner strength, and a fuller sense of self. That’s why the Wolf Moon is associated with intuition, strength, connection to nature, and loyalty–traits we typically associate with wolves.

This Wolf Moon, try a ritual bath that will allow you to turn inwards and find the confidence to take on the next lunar cycle with ambition and energy.

The Wolf Moon Bath Ritual

This ritual is all about treating yourself and your skin to a time of nourishment and care–all while creating a relaxing environment where you can truly reflect and use that insight to strengthen your goals and dreams for what is next.

Prepare Your Bath

When you run your bath, make sure the temperature is comfortable, but not too hot. While it might seem like a hot bath is best, when paired with the chilly winter weather, these drastic temperature differences can actually cause your skin to dry out.

Next add in some extras to take it from a regular bath to a special treat. Epsom salts, soaps, essential oils, bath bombs, oils, and more can upgrade your bath with soothing scents or ingredients that nourish your skin.

Create your own oasis.

We recommend adding Intimacy Oil and All Over Soap to your bath. The squalene in Intimacy Oil contains healthy lipids and keeps the water in your skin from evaporating–making sure you lock in all that hydrating goodness from your bath. The essential oils in All Over Soap provide some incredible aromatherapy to help you de-stress.

Apply Your Skincare

While you’re soaking in the bath, taking some time for self-care helps put you in the headspace for inner reflection, because when you reflect on yourself and your dreams, it’s always more healthy and helpful to approach it from a place of love and care.

Using skincare is a great self-care pairing to your bath. If you have a face mask you love that you can leave on your skin as you relax, now is the perfect time to use it. Graydon even suggests using a thick moisturizer like Berry Rich or Putty as a face mask–you can apply 5-7 pumps to the skin and leave it to soak in.

Relax and Manifest

With your bath drawn, your skincare applied, and your body relaxed into the tub, now is the time to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus on the sensation of the warm water around you, and let it soothe any tension.

This is your space to meditate. Indulge in this time of peacefulness and let your mind go quiet. Then, when you’re ready, take some time to remind yourself of all your strengths. If you have affirmations or a mantra you use, these can help too.

Let your heart guide your thoughts.

Once you’ve reflected on the gifts you possess, visualize what you want to see come to fruition in your life. When you manifest from a place of confidence and self-love, it makes it easier to envision your dreams without fear or self-doubt to hold you back.

Remember, there’s no wrong way to do this. Follow your intuition and let it guide you through this ritual. Graydon advises, “Take a deep breath and let greatness enter your life. Allow the water to cleanse you—physically and spiritually.”

Wash Away Doubt

When you emerge from your bath feeling clean and rejuvenated, know that your time of reflection has washed away the negativity you once carried. As you pull the plug and watch the water disappear from the bathtub, know that it’s not just the water draining away, but your doubt, fear, insecurity, and worry as well.

Embrace the Power of the Full Moon

The full moon represents completeness and abundance. Remember that you are whole, worthy, and loved not just on the night of the full moon, but every single moment in between.

Join us on January 25th at 6:30pm ET for a special Leo Lunar Radiance Workshop. Sign up here to get the link to watch in your inbox the day of the event!

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