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Confused Combination Winter Skin
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Confused Combination Winter Skin

What does it mean to have combination skin?

There are five main skin types: dry, oily, sensitive, normal, and combination. Your skin type can change depending on different factors such as the food you eat and climate. Skin type can change depending on how much water is in your skin (affects it's comfort and elasticity), how oily it is (affects its softness) and how sensitive it is. 

Combination skin - Where your skin can be either dry or normal but oily in some areas like the T-zone (nose, forehead and chin). This just means that your skin may need slightly specific care in different areas. To tell if you have combination skin you can look out for the following: Pores that look larger than normal, blackheads and shiny skin.

Some Tips to Help Confused Combination Skin:

Keep you face hydrated!

Our Face Food Mineral Mist can be used after cleansing and helps keep dehydration at bay caused by cold, dry winter air. 

Filled with hydrating, ionic minerals like skin soothing zinc and magnesium, Face Food helps draw water through the skins surface and into its underlying layers. Making it perfect for multi-level hydration in less than optimal weather conditions.

Nourish your skin!

Hydration and nourishment are always important for all skin types, but our Super Sensitive Skin Stuff can help bring symbiosis to parched complexions. - Even those of you plagued with combination skin

Super Sensitive Skin Stuff is infused with a synergistic blend of active ingredients that include: fatty-acid-rich rosehip, balancing evening primrose, anti-inflammatory gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), fatty acid rich black currant, non-comedogenic pomegranate seed oil and skin-firming ceramides. - Just the concoction your skin needs to survive this cold winter. 

Gently exfoliate your skin!

Another way to calm, confused, winter skin is to regularly sweep away dead skin cells while feeding it water and oil to maintain moisture! This is a critical step that is difficult to get right and is often neglected by many people. 

Difficult because harsh over cleansing will deplete your delicate skin barrier of moisture. This is why it is so important to choose a cleanser that suites your unique complexion in order to revitalize your skin. - Avoiding any irritation or flakiness

Protect your skin barrier!

You want to maintain a strong skin barrier (by locking in hydration and moisture) throughout the cold season to prevent (early) visible signs of aging, skin dullness and falling prey to skin breakouts. The clinically proven, botanical ceramide in Super Sensitive Skin Stuff will help strengthen your acid mantle and thus help support healthy skin hydration. - Aka strong skin barrier!

Our favourite plant-based, superfood oils blended with mineral rich Canadian maple sap, deliver challenged skin the ultimate nourishment it needs to nurse it back to life and bring balance back to confused, combination skin. :)

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