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Beauty Blender Konjac Sponge

As multipurpose product advocates, we thought we'd give our sponges a second function too. The new teardrop shape allows our beauty blender konjac sponge to be used to cleanse your face as well as blend in your favourite makeup!

To Cleanse: 

Soak Konjac Sponge in lukewarm water until it becomes soft. Squeeze out excess water and apply your favourite cleanser and gently massage your face. Rinse sponge out thoroughly with lukewarm water and hang to air dry. 
A cleanser for dry skin next to a bamboo charcoal sponge and foaming cleanser for combination skin
The double-cleanse method is always an option to make sure you're getting your skin squeaky clean! Aloe Milk Cleanser + Face Foam are the perfect gentle pair of cleansers to melt off makeup and dirt, while being gentle on your skin.

To Blend: 

If applying makeup, set the sponge aside while applying your skincare. After having applied your moisturizer or primer, use a damp sponge to evenly apply foundation or Face Glow for that no-makeup, makeup look. Cleanse the sponge and rinse thoroughly after use and hang to dry in a cool, well-ventilated place. 
Pro Tip: clean your konjac sponge with one of the cleansers mentioned above.

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