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BB Cream? CC Cream? DD Cream? or Tinted Moisturizer?
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BB Cream? CC Cream? DD Cream? or Tinted Moisturizer?

What’s the best for YOU? 

Hey there!
Yes. You.
You seem like you could use some help navigating between the beauty counters. I mean, who can blame you? 
First, we have BB creams. Then we have CC creams. And what’s this about DD creams? And how are they different from tinted moisturizers? Are they primers? Can you not use foundations then? Or are they…
Okay. Just take a deep breath. 
It may seem a bit confusing right now, but that’s what we’re here for today: To help you figure out what you should spend your money on.

What is BB Cream?   

Originally from South Korea, BB cream stands for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm’.
Basically, it provides your skin with some level of light coverage to keep your skin looking smooth and poreless. This is great because it’s a one-step product for you to have better looking skin - without the heavy feeling of foundation.
The best part? It also gives you some skincare benefits at the same time – like SPF and antioxidant properties.
BB cream really is the best of both the makeup and skincare world. 
But on the flip side, BB creams don’t have as much shade range as foundation could. A beauty brand, like Fenty, could have upward of 40 shades – covering a wide range of skin tones for everyone.
BB creams, on the other hand, only have about 3 or 4 shades.

What Is CC Cream?  

CC cream is basically the spinoff version of BB cream.
“CC” stands for ‘color corrective’ or ‘color control’. Essentially, it does the same job as BB cream: giving your skin some coverage, while also adding some skin benefits.
The difference between the two comes down to the texture. CC creams actually do a better job at coverage than BB creams, despite their texture being lighter. So a CC cream would be able to cover up any blotchiness, redness, or hyperpigmentation of the skin – better than a BB cream could.
And of course, as the spinoff version of BB creams, CC creams also provide ingredients to calm redness and promote radiance. 
And just like BB creams, CC creams typically only have 3 to 4 shades.

What is DD Cream? 

We know what you’re thinking. And no, the beauty industry didn’t invent a different cream for each letter of the alphabet (yet). So if you’re wondering if ZZ cream is a thing, then we’re sorry to disappoint.
But what we can talk about is DD creams (aka. ‘Dynamic Do-it-all’ or ‘Daily Defense’).
Essentially, they will prime, perfect, and protect your skin both instantly and over time. Just like the name suggests, DD creams really do it all. 
Providing a sheer coverage? Check. Protecting your skin from environmental stressors (like pollution)? Check. Combatting fine lines and wrinkles? Check.
The best thing about DD creams is that, supposedly, they have a more anti-aging focus to diminish fine lines and wrinkles over time. So the more you use them, the better your skin is.

What is tinted moisturizer? 

Just as the name suggests, tinted moisturizers are, well, moisturizers. But their selling point is in their ability to provide some coverage for your skin to keep it looking smooth, poreless, and hydrated all at the same time.
The distinctive feature between tinted moisturizers and all the other types of creams we talked about is its moisturizing factor.
With BB, CC, or DD cream, their main point is to act as makeup products that offer some skincare benefits. However, what it means is that, often times, they can leave your skin dry and flaky. Just think, that has definitely happened to you before if you’ve ever experienced with foundations.
But as for tinted moisturizers, their main point is to directly provide skincare benefits, while its coverage quality is only secondary.
So if you’re someone who has maintained your skin well, and your skin is looking relatively healthy and lovely, then you’re gonna love tinted moisturizers. They’re your best bet for the perfect ‘no-makeup makeup look’

What do we think? 

At Graydon Skincare, we believe that good makeup starts with good skin.
Think about it, your foundation wouldn’t go onto your skin smoothly and flawlessly if your skin is dry, blotchy, and flaky. And plus, makeup only goes as far as hiding away some skin concerns that you may have, but it doesn’t address those concerns at the root.
So naturally, we never had to think twice about creating our very own all-in-one BB, CC, DD and tinted moisturizer that gets the job done in one easy step – Face Glow.
Staying true to our belief, we formulated this multi-tasker with the best actives such as Semi-Precious Smithsonite, sustainably sourced Mica, raspberry seed oil, aloe vera juice, pumpkin seed oil, non-nano zinc, buriti oilsea buckthorn seed oil and spirulina. It delivers brightening and highlighting effects for an overall dewy, healthy-looking radiant complexion. The perfect “no-makeup” makeup look? Check!

What’s the best for YOU? 

Now that’s the million-dollar question. And the answer is….
It depends.
We have to be honest here: There’s no single product that suits every single need of every single person. Depends on what you’re looking for out of your beauty routine, a product may be better suited for you than other products. 
Maybe you’re someone who wears foundation daily, and you’re looking for a decent primer? Then go for a CC cream. But maybe you just want something simple, while still making you feel like you’re protecting your skin? Then go for a BB cream. Or maybe you’re a boss lady who wants to get things done quickly and effectively? Then go for a DD cream.
As a skincare brand, what we do best is to help you care for your skin.
So if you’re looking to focus more on a long-term skincare plan, then look no further than our Face Glow... which tbh does all of the above!
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