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#AskGraydon: If You Could Recommend One Product, What Would It Be?

#AskGraydon: If You Could Recommend One Product, What Would It Be?

Hi gorgeous 😍,

If I had to recommend one product, it would definitely be Fullmoon Serum.

This product is our bestseller and there’s a very good reason why. Well, two reasons actually:

The formulation

Fullmoon Serum (aka our retinol alternative face serum) is a beautiful aquamarine-coloured product that soothes, smoothes and protects your skin for a more radiant complexion. Since it's water-based, it sinks into your skin in no time to work its magic. Feeling heavy and tacky? We don’t know her.

Aside from the incredibly elegant look and feel, the ingredients are also top-notch.

The star ingredient of this serum is moth bean extract, which we’ve talked about before in this article. But to put it simply, this ingredient helps to:

  • stimulate collagen production
  • protect the dermis
  • reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • brighten the skin
  • boost cell renewal

If you were wondering why we refer to this product as a ‘retinol alternative’, now you know. That’s right! Moth bean extract has almost the same benefits as retinol. 

But that’s not all.

Moth bean extract doesn’t come with the side effects that retinol typically does. It’s also rich in antioxidants  including caffeic acid, ferulic acid, cinnamic acid, and kaempferol – which restore damaged skin and protect your skin against free radicals and UV damage.

And most importantly, it can be used by anyone – even if you have sensitive skin ❤️

Aside from this star ingredient, Fullmoon Serum also includes other amazing ingredients, like peptides from hibiscus extract, vitamin C from moringa and hyaluronic acid from senna. And staying true to Graydon Skincare fashion, all of our ingredients are naturally derived from superfoods.

The story behind it

Aside from the stellar ingredients, Fullmoon Serum serum also has a very poetic meaning to it.

The name ‘Fullmoon Serum’ is, obviously, inspired by the full moon. Since it marks the end of a lunar cycle, the full moon is the perfect time for us to cultivate and reap the results of all the efforts we’ve put out throughout the month.  

This is when we get to reflect on our past efforts, recognize the positive results of our actions as well as come to terms with what’s no longer working for us. It's the perfect time to tie up loose ends and let go of things that no longer serve our purpose.

By using this serum, I hope you’ll set your skin up for a new and better start and that all your efforts will return to you tenfold ❤️

Got any other skin-related questions? #AskGraydon 

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