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8 Benefits of Yoga for Your Skin Health
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8 Benefits of Yoga for Your Skin Health

I’ve been practicing yoga for years now. It has been a great way for me to improve my strength and flexibility, become better acquainted with my body, and help with my mental health.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, yoga has been a long time source of comfort and relaxation.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I work way longer days than I should, which makes yoga extra important to me because it's one of the only stress relieving outlets I can do anywhere and anytime - even if it's in a hotel room on a business trip at 3 am. 

I love it not just because it helps keep my body supple which may be an obvious benefit of practicing asana, but I also love yoga because it helps me maintain a healthy complexion as well. There are a bunch of reasons it yoga helps to give you clear, glowing skin!

Yoga improves your blood circulation

Since most of us spend most of our day sitting down, it’s very important to get moving every now and then to improve our blood circulation. As you move through your vinyasas, your heart gets pumping and your blood starts flowing, allowing oxygen and nutrients to be delivered more effectively in your body. When you have poor circulation you may feel tired and cold. It can also result in dry skin or even hair loss.

Yoga improves your oxygen flow

Oxygen flow is so important because it is what helps get rid of free radicals and toxins from the body. Free radicals are mainly responsible for breaking down collagen and elastin which makes signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines become pronounced.

Yoga improves your digestion            

Certain poses such as coming into a twist helps to cleanse and kick start your digestive system. Just make sure to wait a few hours after your meal before your yoga class!

Deep breathing also helps to massage your digestive organs as well and stop you from feeling so bloated. Since there is a such a close link between your gut health and your skin’s appearance, improving your digestion can result in clearer, dewy skin.

Yoga helps lower stress

As someone who is constantly attached to my phone, yoga is my time to step away from the demands of life and practice self-care. Studies have shown that taking time away from work to decompress can lower your risk of developing high blood pressure or heart disease. And even when things get hectic and there is no time for me to attend a class, I make sure to practice my poses in the morning before I tackle the day or before bed to clear my mind.

I’ve also noticed that helps me sleep better too!

We make a great body oil that puts you in the right mind frame for a mindful practice. This is a product that I used to use in own yoga class to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. It has a very soothing scent which helps prep the mind and relax the body.

Yoga balances hormones

A lot of things can through our hormones out of whack. Whether it’s something natural like our menstrual cycle or because of a poor diet. Those who experience a hormonal imbalance can definitely see the negative effects in their skin whether it’s in the form of acne or eczema. Luckily there are certain specific poses like going into cobra that can help with this very issue by stimulating the hormone-producing glands.

Yoga can tone your face (facial yoga)

You may have heard of something called facial yoga lately. Much like how we turn to yoga to tone our bodies, facial yoga helps prevent skin from drooping and sagging, keeping our face looking tight and tone as well. Facial exercises can help strengthen the muscles in your face and improve blood flow, restoring a youthful look to your face.

Yoga helps you feel emotionally balanced

By learning how to breathe better, you will quickly feel more emotionally balanced. It’s important to actively and regularly release negative emotions which can cause anger or stress which can lead to breakouts or skin pigmentation.

Yoga increases your energy

Exercising daily will gradually lead to increase energy levels, allowing you to be more productive on a daily basis and feel happier!




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