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6 Eco-Friendly Products to Green Your Beauty Routine
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6 Eco-Friendly Products to Green Your Beauty Routine

Who doesn't want to help preserve and protect the environment?! Keep reading to learn about 6 amazing eco-friendly products and where to find them.

Did you know that… 

…300 million tons of plastic is produced each year?

...8 million of that is chucked into the sea annually?

...the beauty industry accounts for 146 million tons of plastic produced annually?

Being a plant-powered skincare brand puts us in a tough position. On one hand, we care about Mother Nature and want to help preserve and protect the environment to the best of our ability. That’s our ethos. But on the other hand, we are a part of an industry that produces tons of plastic every year.

This is why we offer a number of sustainable and eco-friendly products

These products include Fullmoon SerumSuperfood SerumIntimacy OilFace Food Mineral Mist and our Bamboo Charcoal Sponge, which can be found at a number of Graydon Skincare retailers. 

So if you want to lend a hand in protecting the environment, while supporting a local business, then I encourage you to visit these 6 awesome, eco-friendly retail partners of ours. Aside from Graydon Skincare products, you'll also find a number of other unique, environmentally-conscious products. 

Check them out below:

The Truth Beauty Company 

A one-stop shop based in Waterloo, Ontario with the finest selection of natural and organic skincare, hair care and cosmetic brands. Here you'll find Naked Swab's Bamboo Reusable Swab. This reusable, sustainable and sanitary alternative to cotton swabs is equivalent to 2,000 regular cotton swabs!

A set of 4 reusable bamboo ear swabs in an open bamboo box against a white background

Socialite Beauty

This online clean beauty retailer will help you to create your beauty routine and discover the best of the best in beauty! Be sure to check out Nelson Naturals' Spearmint Zero-Waste Toothpaste while you’re browsing. This natural toothpaste comes in plastic-free packaging and is made is made from clean, food grade ingredients. 

A zero-waste toothpaste in a glass container with a metal lid against a white background

Kolya Naturals

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, this natural skincare boutique, botanical apothecary, learning kitchen, and spa was founded from a passion for herbs, flowers, oils, and the pleasure of playing with them. Make sure to check out the Merben Jute Body Brush while you’re there. These brushes are handmade in Sri Lanka using only sustainable and biodegradable raw materials. 

TIP: We recommend applying Intimacy Oil after body brushing for silky soft skin. 

A jute body brush with a beige cotton cord handle against a white background

The Detox Market

A curator of the best in green beauty and located in Toronto, Ontario, The Detox Market combs through thousands of products, so you can feel safe and confident in your choices. Feel perfectly confident with the Aether Beauty Crystal-Charged Cheek Palette. The packaging is 100% recyclable and uses recycled materials. These palettes don’t have mirrors or magnets, which cannot be recycled and end up in landfills. 

A cheek palette with 2 soft-focus blushes and 1 luminous highlighter against a white background

Portia Ella

A leader in the clean beauty movement and located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Portia Ella supports Canadian female-led brands with unwavering sustainable practices. Be sure to snatch a tube of Elate Cosmetics' Creme Lipstick in the shade Rosebud. It's the perfect shade for spring, which is right around the corner! All of Elate's lipsticks are secured in a recyclable plastic insert and aluminium wrap, not to mention the tube itself is composed of water-treated, sustainable bamboo, which is fully compostable!  

A medium pink lipstick with mauve undertones housed in a sustainable bamboo tube


Based in Ottawa, Ontario, this company makes it easy to take small actions that have a big impact. At Terra20, you'll find healthy everyday essentials that are better for both people and planet. A perfect example is the Kooshoo Organic Hair Ties. These organic cotton and plastic-free hair elastics are made from 100% biodegradable materials (70% organic cotton and 30% natural rubber). They're also ethically-woven, dyed, cut, and sewn in a Fairtrade-certified facility.

Kooshoo plastic-free hair ties for brown and black hair against a white background


Your skincare routine should adapt to your skin's needs. Click here to learn about Ingrid's fav winter skin smoothies plus a deal you won't want to miss out on!

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