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10 Earth Day Tips for Going Green
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10 Earth Day Tips for Going Green

Since Earth Day is coming up, it got us thinking about ways we could help preserve water and increase the longevity of our lakes and oceans. Wastewater treatment plants can remove some of the pollutants from sewer water but they can't treat the thousands of chemicals used in cosmetic products which wind up in our rivers and oceans, impacting aquatic life and our drinking water.
Here are 10 simple ways to go green, conserve our water and help our lakes and oceans. 
1. Don’t brush your teeth while letting the water run
2. Take shorter showers 
3. If it’s yellow, let it mellow...(you don't need to flush every time) 
4. Don't fill the tub to the brim if you’re having a bath
5. Cover swimming pools to reduce evaporation 
6. Turn off the water when you are washing your hair 
7. Reuse your pasta water to use for your plants 
8. Go to the car wash instead of washing your car yourself 
9. Don't use the dishwasher until it's full 
10. Use natural products that don't contain harmful chemicals. 
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