8 Benefits of Yoga for Your Skin Health

graydon yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga for years now. It has been a great way for me to improve my strength and flexibility, become better acquainted with my body, and help with my mental health.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, yoga has been a long time source of comfort and relaxation.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I work way longer days than I should, which makes yoga extra important to me because it's one of the only stress relieving outlets I can do anywhere and anytime - even if it's in a hotel room on a business trip at 3 am. 

I love it not just because it helps keep my body supple which may be an obvious benefit of practicing asana, but I also love yoga because it helps me maintain a healthy complexion as well. There are a bunch of reasons it yoga helps to give you clear, glowing skin! 

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How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

shampoo and conditioner

How often do you wash your hair? Everyday? Every other? Once a week?

We all want to make sure our hair is nice and clean (especially if you have an event coming up or about to grab a drink with a special friend) but in case you didn't know, over-washing also can lead to dry, brittle hair or an irritated scalp.

Don't forget: your scalp is skin and it needs to be treated appropriately. 

Rather than over-washing so your hair feels squeaky clean (which it shouldn’t, your hair should always have some natural oil in it - if you want a nice sheen that is :) you may want to think about creating a hair regime that keeps your hair looking and feeling its best.

The frequency with which you wash your hair really depends on the season and the texture of your hair but identifying your ‘hair type’ goes a long way to picking the right products for your locks.

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Beauty Food From a Blender... Graydon’s Brightening Mask + Smoothie


If your skin needs some serious brightening up and you don’t know what to do, worry not! Here’s a super simple recipe that you can also drink (yes, it also doubles as a smoothie). This fruit and yogurt based fresh enzyme face mask will do the trick.

What makes this recipe so great is that all the ingredients are readily available at your local grocery store so you don’t have to worry about ordering anything overly exotic or expensive.

It’s what I personally have for breakfast (pre-workout) at least 3 days a week – not just because it tastes good but because it fills my tummy up with enzymes that help my digestion. It also contains ‘good’ bacteria from the yogurt which helps balance your skin’s microbiome and healthy fat that keeps me satisfied until I feel the need to put some solid food in my belly after my post-shower workout.

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Have you fed your hair lately?

Here's the low down on our ingredients in the Matcha Mint Shampoo, and why you should consider 'feeding' your hair with these nourishing superfoods!

Matcha green tea is a natural source of panthenol which helps soften, strengthen. It also prevents split ends and hair damage. 

matcha tea

 (Image via Comins Tea)

Chia Seeds are the best source of omega 3 fatty acid that is both anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. When used on your hair, it helps add moisture back into the hair shaft and fortify your hair. 

chia seed

Hemp Oil does a great job of moisturizing the hair and strengthening it to prevent breakage or damage. 

hemp oil
(Image via Chronicle Herald) 

Sunflower Extract comes from the seed of the sunflower and helps enhance thickness and sheen. It also contains a high concentration of Vitamin E which can help with build up or dry scalp. 




Using peppermint is a great way to stimulate your scalp. This refreshing herb will help soothe those who deal with dry scalp or dandruff. It will also improve blood flow to your scalp, helping improve hair growth. 


DIY Healthy Hair Recipe

 Here are 3 easy steps + a super simple DIY recipe! 

graydon hair

This is a photo was taken of Graydon after following this regimen on a weekly basis, for about a year. Her hair grew over 4 inches and she recently had to get it cut because it was getting too long!

Here are the ingredients you'll need: 

- Shampoo (preferably our Matcha Mint, or another natural brand that doesn't over strip the natural oils from your scalp)

- 1/2 cup of Apple Cidre Vinegar 

- Graydon's 'Germs Away' Essential Oil Blend 

- Conditioner (preferably our Hair Smoothie, or another natural brand that doesn't contain silicone or 'quats' which coat and weigh down your hair.)

Optional: astringent essential oils such as rosemary, lemon or peppermint

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