Not a Happy Camper.

toronto to mexico
I was visiting Mexico a short while ago and lucky me, my luggage was misdirected en route so I was missing my toilet kit and clothes. 
Can't lie, I was not a happy camper! 

With nothing else on hand except a bottle of our Elixir tucked into my carry-on, my skincare routine began to rely heavily on mashed avocados (and yes, if you're thinking guacamole, you're not far off - lol :)

Instead of buying a bunch of 'el cheapo' products from the local '
farmacia', I came up with an ingenious way to 'wash' my hair and I also put the Elixir in some new innovative ways.
As our All Over Elixir is a super-soothing rich oil I used it to take my make-up off and wash my face using a very warm washcloth to 'steam' the dirt away after applying a dollop of oil all over my face and neck - even around my eyes and eye lashes! 

all over elixir oil
On the few days when my face felt particularly dirty and congested, I stirred in a packet of sugar that I got at our local breakfast place and *gently* massaged the mixture onto my face, following up with a generous splash of warm water. 
To keep my body fresh and clean, I used the leftover coffee grounds from the bodum and stirred in a few spoonfuls of Elixir. As much as I really enjoy showering with our All Over Soap (which is my normal routine) I have to admit I loooved the feeling of the ground coffee all over my body. It was very smoothing and incredibly effective in cleaning my whole body. A double bonus is that massaging coffee grounds into your buttocks is great for cellulite!    
When I finally got my belongings from the airline, I was pretty happy to have my stuff back, but truth be known, I could've easily lasted way longer 'DIY-ing' my skincare and inventing a bunch of new spur-of-the-moment products. 

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