Gratitude is not just a 'woo-woo' thing!

In case you didn't know, the practice of having gratitude is not just a woo-woo thing but a scientific fact. In fact, active gratitude reduces stress and re-forms neural pathways into more positive routings.

It can actually physically deconstruct the express track to Bummerville. So, when you’re seething about how your rant-subject always does 'x' that makes you nuts, think about how that person also does 'y', which is very helpful.

I like to practice gratitude a lot. Even when I'm not having a bad day. Keep reading for just a few of the things and people I am super grateful for!


I am super grateful for my small but mighty team who make ‘Graydon’ a reality. I could not do all this without them. I am beyond lucky to have them share my vision of making plant powered skincare. 

It's only with their commitment, passion and drive that I have been able to have been able to develop products that actually help create goodness in the world and which allow me to help others with their health, wellness and beauty (inside and out :).

I am especially grateful to our wonderful customers many of whom have witnessed us go through a bevy of growing pains and who have still stayed loyal and even more committed in our journey to produce high-performance green beauty (at a fair price :)

I am so grateful to Paulo (my almost 80-year-old father) who has been my voice of reason and calm in the storm. He has made so many people happy be delivering countless parcels with his quiet charm and handsome smile.

I am actually grateful for what was a very challenging divorce. Though a peaceful loving committed marriage was what I had hoped for, I would never have been pushed to my limit to create this business.

I am incredibly grateful for my son Julian who always makes me laugh and challenges me to do my best. I feel so much gratitude that we worked many a late night together at the dining room table (him doing homework, me developing products). I’m so proud that I might have rubbed off on him a little because he's currently studying Biology and Botany at university!

I am supremely grateful for a special person in my life (who shall remain nameless for the sake of privacy) who has talked me through countless challenging days, made sure I had warm healthy food to eat when I didn't have the energy left to cook for myself, given me the best hugs, played the most delightful tunes, inspired me to better a better person and above given me love through thick and thin (tears and laughter).

I am deeply grateful for my Grandmother Graydon (yes, this is how I got my name) who spent countless hours teaching me to cook and who loved spending time with me in her garden with me showing me all the flowers and native species. Granny is the one who introduced me to flavour, texture and blending things together. It is her early teachings would eventually inspire me to start making skincare formulations. 

Like so many immigrants, my ancestors came across the proverbial pond in search of opportunity in the 1800's and at the turn of the century, and I am very grateful they made that choice to take a risk and create a new life for themselves in Canada so that my parents and grandparents to could grow up in safe, prosperous country. 

I am beyond grateful to be alive and well. At one point not too many years ago, I felt like my anxiety could have literally swallowed me whole and if it wasn't for friends, family and some wonderful health care practitioners, I could have really gone off the deep end.  

I am overflowing with gratitude that the beautiful country of Canada is brimming with natural resources and organic farms that grow amazing things (broccoli, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, camelina, apples, kale and hemp just to name a few) which we are privileged to use to make our wholesome, nutrient dense products that really work.

Lastly, I am still so grateful our little dog Cayenne who unexpectedly died last year. I still feel like her warm, gentle spirit is still part of our lives and I cherish the times we had together, the warmth of her little body snuggling with me on the duvet, her fierce loyalty, her adorable howling whenever the piano was played, her unconditional love and companionship when I was alone for so many years and of course the memories.   

What are you grateful for? 

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